Known as the country music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee, is home to the Grand Ol’ Opry and many other venues that musicians from all over the world come to visit. Year after year, the population of Nashville has grown to do too many people moving in. But what makes living in this city so bad?

Living in Nashville is a bad idea for many reasons, including the fact that there’s a large population in one area and it has bad traffic. Nashville also has a very competitive job market in comparison to how many people live there, so finding a job is a challenge. It’s also a very expensive city to live in.

Knowing the disadvantages of living in Nashville can help you decide whether moving there is the right choice for you. Keep reading to learn more about the reasons living in Nashville is bad.

Why is it Bad to Live in Nashville

Nashville is a popular destination for people to choose as their home because of the live music scene and beautiful Tennessee landscape. However, thanks to the influx of people moving to Nashville, it’s become a less than desirable place to live for many, including Tennessee natives.

Nashville has become a bad place to live because:

  • The traffic is bad
  • The cost of living is high
  • The summers are really hot
  • There’s a lot of job competition
  • There’s many tourists

Nashville Traffic Can Be a Nightmare

When it comes to your commute in Nashville, you should be prepared that it may take an hour or longer, especially during rush hour, to get from one place to another. This is because, with as many people already living in the city, there are many more that come in daily.

Part of the reason that traffic is so dense in Nashville is the lack of reliable transportation from the public sector. Because of this, most people that work are having to get into their cars and drive from one place to another every day.

If you wish to avoid the heavy traffic in the city, especially during rush hour, you will need to consider altering your working hours, so you miss these times. This is because the more people on the road during this period, the better chance of someone having a car accident.

Nashville has made a lot of strides towards being a more bike-friendly city, but the number of drivers within such a small radius makes navigating the city on two wheels pretty dangerous.

The Cost of Living in Nashville is Outrageous

With more and more people coming to Nashville not only just to visit but also to live, the cost of living expenses has grown exponentially. This is partly because many of these new residents are coming in and opening new businesses that are based on other price points than what Nashville was used to.

Many experts say that unless you make between $70,000 to $75,000 per year, you may not be able to make it in Nashville. With rent and housing prices soaring and the influx of transplant residents buying to offer homes as Airbnbs, it makes it nearly impossible for those native to the city to survive.

Many people often think of big metropolitan cities such as New York being some of the most expensive cities in the United States. However, many have stated that Nashville is, in some areas, nearing the same cost of living fees as those bigger cities.

Nashville Experiences Sweltering Summer Temperatures

Most people know that the southern states are known for uncomfortable and sometimes completely unbearable temperatures in the summer months. Nashville is no different from that for the most part.

While the winters in the city can be quite mild, the summers end up mostly not only hot but also humid. The combination of these two can make living in Nashville completely impossible during this season.

The other thing common about the weather in Nashville is the high possibility of major thunderstorms that can cause other types of problems. You will want to ensure that you are paying attention to weather reports, especially if clouds are forming overhead. So basically, don’t leave home without an umbrella!

Competition for Jobs in Nashville is Fierce

When it comes to getting a job in Nashville, you should realize that many other people are likely competing for the same positions you are in. This is mostly because of the influx of people that have moved into the area over the years.

Even if you have a college degree and think that it makes you more qualified for the position you are trying to get, you need to realize that others are in your same situation. Because of this, you may need to find ways to make yourself more marketable to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Nashville Tourism Can Be Extreme

For those who have lived in Nashville all of their lives or at least for many years, the influx of people coming in can be a bit daunting. This is because not only are people moving into the city to be closer to the country music mecca, but the music scene brings with it many fans who want to visit.

This means that those who live there year-round may be competing to get into their favorite establishments on weekends or holidays when tourists seem to overtake the city. Between tourists roaming the streets and streaming in and out of businesses, Locals tend to try to stay home or go on vacation during this time.

While it has been many years since tourism has grown exponentially, it is still difficult for local citizens to do the things they do regularly. With the many tourists in town, if you live here, you will need to expect that this is the case at all times.


The bottom line is that when it comes to deciding to live in Nashville or not, you will need to consider many factors. The points stated above should help you to understand that while Nashville may be a hip and cool city for those who follow the music, you may want to reconsider living there if any of the above bothers you.