Moving is stressful. You have to think about how you will transport all of your belongings safely to your new place. Hiring movers takes some of the stress away because they take things out of your hands so you can focus on getting to your destination. But you may be worried about whether the movers will avoid packing some things. Do movers pack your clothes?

If you hire a full service moving company during your move, they will pack your clothes for you as a part of their basic services. However, some companies may require an additional fee to pack your clothes for you.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about movers packing your clothes, as well as some easy methods for packing them yourself if you can’t find a company that offers the service.

Do Movers Pack Clothes For You?

Now that you know some moving companies will provide a clothes packing service for you, you may be wondering, do they take your clothes out of your dresser and pack them themselves?

Some moving companies may just saran wrap around your dresser drawers to keep the drawers closed with all of your clothes still inside rather than taking the clothes out and packing them.

This saves a lot of time on their part, and on your part. Once your dresser is moved in, you won’t have to unpack your clothes and put them back into the drawers. Everything will be left how you had it.

What Moving Companies Pack Your Clothes?

Full service moving companies will pack everything for you, including your clothes, for you. But what are some companies that provide full service moving?

Here is a list of moving companies that will pack your clothes:

Each of these moving companies should offer an option to find a mover near you. They have offices all over the US, with Hawaii being an exception.

Should I Empty My Dresser for the Movers?

We talked about movers taking a shortcut by wrapping your dresser in saran wrap to move it. But should you remove your clothes from the dresser before they do this?

You don’t have to empty your dresser for the movers, but it would be better for you to do so. Emptying your dresser will make it easier to move. If your dresser has all of your clothes in it, it can make it too heavy for them to move and risk injuring the movers or even damaging your dresser.

You wouldn’t want to have the movers drop your dresser and hurt themselves. That could end in you needing to pay for their medical bills if they are seriously injured, as well as for a new dresser to store your clothing, costing you even more money than what you’re already spending on moving.

How to Pack Your Clothes for a Move

If paying for a full service mover isn’t a part of your budget, then it’s probably best that you learn how to pack your clothes yourself. But how do you pack your clothes in a way that makes them easy to move, and doesn’t take a lot of space?

Keep reading to find two methods to packing your clothes for a move.

Using Garbage Bags

Using garbage bags to pack your clothes for a move is the easiest method if you hang your clothes up in your closet.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Separate your clothes to 10-12 pieces per section in your closet, keeping them on the hangers
  2. Pull a garbage can up around the clothes so they’re fully covered
  3. Tighten the strings on the garbage bag and tie them around the hook of the hangers
  4. Transport the bags by holding the hook of the hangers

When you are moved in and want to unpack your clothes, all you have to do is hang the sections of clothing back up in your new place’s closet and untie the bag.

Using Vacuum-Seal Bags

Using vacuum-seal bags to pack your clothes for a move is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space. The bag should compress everything inside the bag, making it almost completely flat. Plus, the bags are airtight, so if you have to move using a trailer you don’t have to worry about dirtying or staining your clothes on the trip to your new place.

Here is how to use a vacuum-seal bag to pack your clothes:

  1. Fold your clothes
  2. Arrange them in the bag
  3. Seal the bag
  4. Vacuum out the air in the bag

When you are moved in and want to unpack your clothes, all you have to do is unseal the bag and the bag will re-inflate for you to take your clothing out and put it back in your dresser and closet.


In conclusion, movers do pack your clothes for you if you pay for the full service option. However, if this isn’t in the budget for you, there are other options you can take to pack your clothes.