When it comes to moving, there is usually a lot to do! From packing up your home, moving everything in a truck, unpacking the boxes, and putting everything away in their new places, it can feel extremely overwhelming if you have to do everything yourself. In order to make the process a little easier, many people hire movers to help out, but you might be wondering: Do movers unpack your stuff?

If you hire movers, there are two options. First, you can pack the boxes yourself and have the movers get them from point A to point B, in this case, movers will not unpack your boxes. Or you can opt to have movers pack your things before moving them, and they unpack them at the destination. 

In this article, we are going to go through each of these options so you can decide if you want to have your movers unpack your things or not, and what the process will look like either way! So keep reading, you are going to be an expert on hiring movers in no time. 

Do Movers Unpack Your Stuff?

Hiring movers is a great way to make your moving experience easier, more efficient, and faster, however, many people don’t know that there are several different options you can choose from when it comes to exactly what the movers will do to help you move. 

Most moving companies offer the basic service of simply having movers come to your space, pick up your boxes and furniture, place them in the truck, drive them to the new location, and take them inside. This is usually the cheapest option and if you do opt for it, the movers will not pack or unpack your things. 

The second option is to have movers arrive with boxes, bubble wrap, and tape and pack up your things themselves before transporting them to the new destination. If you decide to have the movers pack your things themselves, they will unpack them once they arrive at your new home! 

It’s important to note that if you pack some of your boxes yourself, they will not unpack those boxes as well, they will only work with the boxes they packed. 

Is it More Expensive to Have Movers Unpack?

When deciding whether or not you want to have your movers pack and unpack your boxes, there are a few factors to consider. 

Of course, this option will most likely make your moving experience easier and save you time packing and unpacking, but it is more expensive to have the movers pack and unpack your things. 

How much more expensive depends on the company you are working with. They may have a fee for boxes and supplies, packing, and unpacking separately, or it may be one package deal. 

Whether or not paying more is worth it to have movers pack and unpack your boxes is up to you, just make sure when you communicate with the moving company that there are no hidden fees that will surprise you at the end. 

What Do Movers Do With Your Unpacked Stuff?

Another common question people ask is what the movers will do with your stuff if they unpack it themselves. Nine times out of ten, movers will simply unpack your things and leave them in large piles either on the floor or on any available surfaces. 

If you are lucky, and around while they are unpacking, you may be able to ask the movers to put certain items in a specific room, i.e. unpack the kitchen appliances in the kitchen and the clothing in the bedroom, but if you’re not around, they will most likely just put everything together. 

When it comes to furniture, while most movers won’t assemble anything, they will place it in the designated room so you don’t have to move it again afterwards. The same goes for other large items, so if you don’t want them to unpack a huge or heavy item that you can’t easily carry in the wrong room, it’s vital that you are available to give instructions. 

Some people have reported that having everything unpacked and disorganized is actually more trouble than it’s worth, and it can be better to unpack yourself and put things away as you go so the house doesn’t look like a warehouse, but everyone is different! 

Final Thoughts

So, do movers unpack your stuff? Well, they certainly can! Whether or not they do is up to you.

It’s important to talk to your moving company and find out the various prices for movers if they do or don’t pack and unpack your things. 

And remember, movers will only unpack items that they packed themselves, so if you do want them to unpack everything at the new destination, make sure you don’t pack everything up before they arrive!