Georgia and Florida, two states in the Southeastern US, receive millions of visitors each year. With so much to see and a host of history to learn, it’s no wonder so many people flock to these warm sunny states! But, how far are the major cities from each other?

The total driving distance from the northernmost point of Georgia to the southernmost point in Florida is approximately 800 miles. This will take you through both states, passing several major cities along the way.

Below, we’ll discuss the major cities in these states and the distance between each one. Keep reading to learn more!

How Far Are the Major Cities in Florida and Georgia from Each Other?

If you’re planning a road trip to one or more of the major Georgia or Florida cities, you may wonder how far you should expect to drive.

The chart below will highlight the distances between various cities in Georgia compared to those in Florida. 

JacksonvilleOrlandoTampaFort LauderdaleMiami
Atlanta345 miles438 miles456 miles639 miles662 miles
Augusta256 miles396 miles453 miles582 miles600 miles
Macon269 miles361 miles380 miles564 miles585 miles
Columbus290 miles383 miles401 miles584 miles606 miles
Savannah139 miles279 miles335 miles465 miles483 miles 

With these distances in mind, you can decide which cities to travel to and how to prepare for your journey.

What Major Cities Are in Georgia?

There are five major cities in the state of Georgia

From the northern to the southern portion of the state, these include:

  • Atlanta 
  • Augusta
  • Macon 
  • Columbus 
  • Savannah 

Below, we’ll discuss more information on each.


Atlanta is centrally located in Georgia and the first major city you’ll see. 

Atlanta was initially founded as a terminus for the Western and Atlantic Railroad to come through on its way to Savannah from the west. 

Within a few years, it was established as a settlement known as Terminus and named Atlanta in 1847. 


Augusta is located in Eastern Georgia. It was used as a crossing point for the Savannah River by indigenous tribes.

Augusta was a big agricultural area for cotton and rice plantations and housed powder-works facilities during the Civil War. 


Macon is located in Central Georgia near the Ocmulgee River. 

It was used as a trading post with Native Americans and guarded an area called the Lower Creek Pathway, which became the Federal Road. 


Located in West Georgia, Columbus is located on the Chattahoochee River. It is the last portion of the Federal Road you can travel on before leaving the state and heading into Alabama. 

The city was once famous for manufacturing supplies for the confederacy, such as weapons and wool for uniforms. 

In April 1865, Union and Confederate armies clashed in Columbus. 

Many soldiers died here, and a marker with the engraving “Last Land Battle in the War from 1861 to 1865” was engraved.


Located in Eastern Georgia and founded in 1733, Savannah was considered a Royal Colony and eventually became the capital of Georgia. 

Savannah is a beautiful city with extensive marshlands and tropical grasses. Music and theater are part of Savannah’s southern charm, along with age-old oaks and weeping willows. 

How Far Are the Major Cities in Georgia From Each Other?

To map out your Georgia road trip, you’ll need to know how far each city is from the others. 

The table below lists the miles between each city on our list. 

City in GeorgiaDistance to Other Cities
AtlantaAugusta: 145 miles
Macon: 84 miles
Columbus: 108 miles
Savannah: 248 miles
AugustaAtlanta: 145 miles
Macon: 125 miles
Columbus: 250 miles
Savannah: 125 miles
MaconAtlanta: 85 miles 
Augusta: 123 miles 
Columbus: 99 miles
Savannah: 166 miles
ColumbusAtlanta: 108 miles
Augusta: 250 miles 
Macon: 99 miles
Savannah: 247 miles
SavannahAtlanta: 248 miles 
Augusta: 125 miles
Macon: 166 miles
Columbus: 247 miles

With this information in mind, you should have no problem mapping your trip.

What Major Cities are in Florida?

There are eight major cities in Florida. From top to bottom, these include:

  • Jacksonville
  • Orlando 
  • Tampa 
  • Fort Lauderdale 
  • Miami 

Below, we’ll discuss each of these.


Jacksonville lies in the eastern portion of Florida and follows the St. John’s River. 

The first European settlement in Florida was located here, first named Fort Caroline and later changed to San Mateo by the Spanish. 

Fort Caroline was reconstructed in 1964 along the St John’s River. A road was built soon after and used as a trade route, dubbed Cow Ford. 

As Cow Ford grew and prospered, the name was changed to Jacksonville. 


Orlando was originally named Fort Gatlin after an army physician John S. Gatlin. 

Established in 1838, this city lies in Eastern Florida and is home to Disney World. 

It became the county seat of Orange County in 1856 and was established as a city in 1885. 


Tampa is located on the west side of Florida. 

The US purchased Florida from Spain in 1821 and began building forts and trading posts along the Hillsborough River on Tampa Bay. 

It officially became the 27th US state in 1845, and Tampa was incorporated as a village in 1849. 

Fort Lauderdale

Formerly known as the “New River Settlement,” Fort Lauderdale is currently a spring break destination. 

Located on the east side of Florida, it is known for its beautiful beaches, arts, and culture. You can spend hours shopping or enjoy a gondola ride on the canal. 

The center of a metropolis and a yachting center, Fort Lauderdale is a major tourist destination. 


Miami is located in the southernmost point of Florida. Interestingly, it is the only major city in the US ever founded by a woman. 

A local citrus grower from Cleveland, Julia Tuttle, owned the land that is now Miami.

Originally named Biscayne Bay County, it was considered a great building site. 

Tuttle convinced the owner of the Florida East Coast Railway to extend to the area, and Florida’s growth increased dramatically. 

How Far Are the Major Cities in Florida From Each Other?

If you want to drive through the major cities in Florida, it’s essential to learn how far you’ll be traveling.

The table below will list the miles between each of the major cities in Florida on our list. 

City in FloridaDistance to Other Cities
JacksonvilleOrlando: 141 miles
Tampa: 199 miles 
Fort Lauderdale: 326 miles 
Miami: 345 miles 
OrlandoJacksonville: 141 miles
Tampa: 84 miles 
Fort Lauderdale: 212 miles 
Miami: 234 miles 
TampaJacksonville: 199 miles
Orlando: 84 miles 
Fort Lauderdale: 264 miles 
Miami: 280 miles 
Fort LauderdaleJacksonville: 326 miles 
Orlando: 212 miles 
Tampa: 264 miles 
Miami: 29 miles
MiamiJacksonville: 345 miles 
Orlando: 234 miles
Tampa: 280 miles 
Fort Lauderdale: 29 miles

With locations ranging from 30 to 300 miles from the next city, you can travel to most of these areas in just a day or two. 

In Conclusion

Georgia and Florida are both full of fascinating places full of rich history and a variety of activities. 

Within state lines, most major cities are no more than 2 ½ hours apart.

But, if you’ll be traveling across state lines, the journey could take up to 600 miles.