Barbados is a popular holiday destination in the Caribbean. This island country features some of the most sought-after resorts and beautiful beaches in the world. Visiting Barbados is a tempting prospect, but it’s always best to know how safe it is before departing.

On average, Barbados is a safe area to walk around, especially when exercising a basic amount of caution. Some areas of the country are safer than others, while some times of day should be avoided if possible.

If you are interested in spending time in Barbados, read on below to find out more about how safe it is and what to keep in mind while there.

Is Barbados Safe to Walk Around?

Despite being a holiday haven, Barbados faces many of the usual issues that affect all countries around the world. There is a drug underworld, and small robberies are fairly common. Barbados is still known for being one of the safer Caribbean destinations.

Barbados is safe to walk around, especially in the more populated and tourist-prone areas. Visitors are advised to be as vigilant as they would be in any other tourist destination, as well as in crowded areas.

Using a travel purse to keep belongings close to the body is a good way to deter criminals that are looking for a quick handbag to grab. Bringing a travel safe, or staying in a hotel that provides one, will also keep valuables secure in the room.

Is Barbados Safe to Go Off Resort?

Barbados is a safe haven, especially in the areas curated for the tourist experience. While resorts are highly safe places, you may wish to wander outside of their borders to explore the country in more depth.

Barbados is safe to go off the resort, as long as you remember to exercise the minimal levels of caution you would use anywhere else, including at home if you live in a bigger city. Try to avoid isolated areas and walking at night, and you will remain safe while in Barbados.

Is Barbados Safe for Women Traveling Alone?

Women traveling alone are used to having to exercise more caution than men would, but that doesn’t need to take away from the enjoyment. Women can explore many international destinations in peace.

Barbados is generally safe for women traveling alone. The locals are welcoming and friendly, and women will feel like they belong throughout the diverse areas of the country. Once again, avoiding isolated and unlit areas will go a long way in keeping women safe.

Barbados is a country well used to tourists, and it caters to them. Solo women travelers are included in this and are treated like treasured guests during their time on the island.

What Are the Safest Areas in Barbados?

Barbados is a generally safe country, but some areas are considered above others in that respect. If you are looking to plan your trip around the safest places in Barbados, here is a quick overview of where to focus your scheduling.


Rockley is a charming resort area on the south coast of Barbados, located right next to Bridgetown, the island’s capital. It is one of the best regions to enjoy the many delights on offer in Barbados, and it is also known as one of the safest places in the country.

While in Rockley, visitors can spend time on one of the country’s best beaches, Accra, along with some of the best restaurants and shops on the island. Thanks to the many resorts in Rockley, the area remains safe for all travelers.

Silver Sands

The area around Silver Sands Beach in Barbados is renowned for its safety. Visitors enjoying the beautiful beach will feel as safe as can be during their time on the island. This resort-filled location is on the south coast of Barbados.

If you are a fan of watersports, a stay in Silver Sands will get you the best activities on your doorstep while keeping you safe for the duration of your visit.


The lovely coastal area of Oistins is a fishing paradise in the south of the country. Local charm and resort amenities blend seamlessly in Oistins, where visitors can enjoy the laidback vibe and the impressive safety in the area.

A large tourist area has developed around the fishing village, and visitors are treated to enchanting activities, excellent beach access, and a constant security presence in the entire region. This is due in no small part due to the wealth of resorts in the area.


Speightstown can be found on the northwest coast of the island. It is one of the largest towns on the island and appeals to tourists with its resorts and impressive history. Speightstown is also known for its safety and exclusivity, which ensure this protective atmosphere.

Speightstown is an ideal choice for those traveling with family, especially those with children. Enjoying the safety of Barbados in Speightstown is easy.


The glorious Bathsheba area can be found on the east coast of Barbados. It includes a selection of lovely villages and provides an ideal island experience for those looking for something less commercial.

Bathsheba is by far one of the safest areas in Barbados, with minimal crime rates.


The island country of Barbados is generally safe to walk around. Visitors to the country will remain safe if they keep basic safety tips in mind. Sticking to well-populated and well-lit areas will ensure protection no matter where you are on the island.