Salt Lake City has a lot to offer potential residents, including good job availability and lots of natural amenities. If you’re interested in moving to Salt Lake City, you may be wondering where exactly to look. One important question is, “what are the most dangerous places to live in Salt Lake City?” 

Below, we’ll discuss the four most dangerous places to live in Salt Lake City and some safer alternatives. Keep reading if you or someone you know is interested in moving to Salt Lake City!

Top 4 Most Dangerous Places to Live in Salt Lake City

Before considering what places are ideal locations to live in Salt Lake City, Utah, let us first discover a few areas to avoid.

Some locations in Salt Lake City are unfortunately known for their crime, few job opportunities, and high poverty rates, making them more dangerous than other areas.

Four of the most dangerous places to live in Salt Lake City include:

  • Westpointe
  • Poplar Grove
  • Glendale
  • People’s Freeway

Keep reading to find out what makes these four neighborhoods dangerous and why.


The Salt Lake City neighborhood of Westpointe experiences a lot of property crimes. 

Unfortunately, these types of crimes have increased by 49% over the past five years.

Additionally, this area’s violent crime rate is 209% of the national average.

In addition to all this, there are very few jobs available in the area, making crime even more common.

Poplar Grove

According to various sources, Poplar Grove sees a ton of crime.  

Specifically, this area has a violent crime rate of 1.08%. For every 1,000 residents, approximately 11 people will fall victim to a violent crime each year. 

Poplar Grove is considered the third most dangerous neighborhood within Salt Lake City, seeing an average of 48% more crime than the city average.

Poplar Grove also has a higher population than other neighborhoods in Salt Lake City, increasing the chances of crime.


Another neighborhood you should avoid if you are considering moving to Salt Lake City is Glendale.  

Glendale’s overall crime rate is 400% above the national average, and its violent crime rate is 237% above the national average. 

Property crime is also high here, at 433% above the national average.  

Glendale is known for its high level of gang activity.

Historically, residents in the Glendale area have complained about gang-related activity and lawlessness.

People’s Freeway

People’s Freeway, Salt Lake City is packed with crime that averages 20% above Salt Lake’s average.  

To make matters worse for those living in the neighborhood, poverty has skyrocketed in People’s Freeway.  

Homelessness can increase when poverty rates are high in a neighborhood, and general safety often decreases. 

Safer Alternatives in Salt Lake City

Despite a few unsafe areas, Salt Lake City still has many benefits to offer residents. 

Now that we’ve highlighted the most dangerous places in Salt Lake City, we’ll discuss four safer alternatives in this area. 

Four of the safest neighborhoods in Salt Lake City include Greater Avenues, Bonneville Hills, East Bench, and Wasatch Hollow. These areas are known for high walkability, great job opportunities, and lots of amenities to take part in.

Below, we’ll discuss what each area has to offer. 

Greater Avenues

Greater Avenues is considered one of the best neighborhoods in all of Salt Lake City.  

Many consider this area great for dog lovers, and most say they would walk alone at night.

This neighborhood is highly-walkable, making it safe for pedestrians. It also gives residents easy access to local shops and businesses.  

Greater Avenues is a suburban area that sees very little crime. 

Many young professionals and artists call Greater Avenues home, and most report a general feeling of safety.

Bonneville Hills

Many of the residents you will find residing in Bonneville Hills are families who desire a safe place to live and good schooling for their children.  

Additionally, many families own their homes in this area of Salt Lake City.  

Bonneville Hills maintains an overall grade of A on Niche and a B- grade for crime and safety.  

East Bench

East Bench is a place that prides itself on low crime rates and many residents who have obtained a higher education degree.

It’s also famous as the on-set location of High School Musical!   

This location may be worth considering if you are looking for a neighborhood within Salt Lake City with a lot to do and beautiful scenery.

Wasatch Hollow

According to HomeSnacks, Wasatch Hollow is a great place to move if you’re looking for a new job. 

There are tons of jobs available in the area, and the neighborhood boasts an unemployment rate of just 1.5%.

With plenty of green space to enjoy at parks and recreational facilities, crime is lower in this area due to easy access to stress-reducing activities. 

In Conclusion

Salt Lake City is a great place to live because of its diversity and how much it can offer.

However, it is important to be cognizant of which areas to avoid.  

Some areas are packed with crime or high poverty rates, while others give residents safe, walkable access to amenities and shopping.

As long as you know where to go, you can safely move to Salt Lake City and enjoy the best of what the city has to offer.