Seattle has fantastic food and artistic inspiration, but unfortunately can be pretty dangerous in some popular tourist areas. So, what are the five most dangerous places to live in Seattle?

Here are the 5 most dangerous places to live in Seattle:

AreaViolent Crimes Recorded(January-September 2022)Property Crimes Recorded(January-September 2022)
Queen Anne1592,172
Capitol Hill3411,815
Northgate 2701,845
University 1571,400

Keep reading to learn why it’s best to avoid these areas when living in or visiting Seattle. We’ve also included safer alternatives for you to consider if you want to move to the city or relocate.

Queen Anne

While Upper Queen Anne is not as dangerous, Lower Queen Anne has had a significant increase in property crimes over the past several years. 

The Seattle Police Department has recorded crimes in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle since the beginning of 2021:

  • 4,701 property crime offenses, with the majority of these being thefts
  • 366 violent crimes, with aggravated assault being the most common

One local stated in their review of Lower Queen Anne that it “has been on a very sharp decline” compared to the way it was in previous years. 

For example, break-ins and acts of violence are a growing concern for those currently living in the area.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is one of the most heavily populated areas of Seattle. Living in this area allows you to be in the center of a classic city living environment and exciting nightlife. 

In addition, many artists are drawn to the area for its unique appeal. 

However, there is a significant risk of running into these problems as was recorded since January 2021:

  • Burglary
  • Vehicle theft
  • Theft
  • 726 violent crime offenses

Locals of the area have mentioned that they often come in contact with individuals who make them feel uneasy or even unsafe. 

Many feel this is because of the increasing number of homeless individuals in the area. 


Living in the Northgate area of Seattle is one of the more affordable options for those living in Seattle. However, there is a growing problem with crime in the area. 

Seattle Police Department recorded these crimes between January and September of 2022L

  • 270 violent crimes, with 141 aggravated assault offenses
  • Theft of personal property is the most common crime

 Locals also feel the area is becoming more dangerous due to homelessness and addiction. 


The University District, sometimes called the U District, is the home of the University of Washington. It’s mostly known for being a college town. 

However, property crime and aggravated acts of violence are common in this area. 

The police department has recorded these crimes since the beginning of 2022:

  • 112 aggravated assault offenses
  • 1,093 larceny offenses

Many locals are troubled by the increase in drug activity. They also report frequently being harassed by the homeless population. 


The Roosevelt area in Seattle (also known as the Ravenna area) offers its residents the ability to live near larger cities in Seattle while living in a suburban-style environment. 

While it is one of the safer options for living in Seattle, there is a big problem with theft in the area.

There have been approximately 2,638 recorded offenses that involve the theft of personal property in this area since the beginning of 2021.

So, living in Roosevelt requires the ability to be aware of your surroundings. 

You would also need to take the appropriate precautions, such as not walking around the area with large amounts of cash or valuable items. 

Safe Alternatives for Living in Seattle

While there are many dangerous areas in Seattle, there are several options that provide safer alternatives to those looking to live in Seattle. 

Some of the safest areas to live in Seattle include:

  • Phinney Ridge: An urban area located in north central Seattle. It allows its residents to live in a quiet, community-centered environment while being in the center of several larger areas.
  • Lakewood/Seward Park: A quiet community located near Seward Park, which offers a blissful feel with beautiful scenery. 
  • Madison Park: A quiet area located in King County near Madison Park. It is one of the safest areas in Seattle and offers plenty of access to nature. 

These areas are conveniently located near larger and riskier places. This allows you to work, shop, and enjoy the cultural experiences of larger cities without sacrificing your comfort and peace of mind. 

These areas are known for offering a welcoming and inclusive environment. They are ideal if you’re looking for a safe and quiet atmosphere that allows you to be close to the larger areas of Seattle. 

Additionally, these areas have highly rated-schools and cozy dining options. Most importantly, these areas have the lowest number of reported crimes in all of Seattle. 


Now you know the most dangerous places in Seattle so you can be a little more cautious around there, or maybe even avoid them altogether.