Arizona is a state full of stunning desert landscapes and amazing places to explore. Those who fall in love with it may choose to relocate here on a more permanent basis. When this happens, it is best to know which parts of Arizona are safer.

The safest part of Arizona is the historic city of Florence, in Pinal County. It has the lowest crime rate in the state and gets consistently voted first in safety polls. While Florence is the safest, there are many more parts that provide peace of mind.

If you’re interested in living in Arizona, read on below to find out more about the safest parts of the state.

What Is the Safest Part of Arizona to Live?

Arizona residents are primarily concerned about violent crime and property crime across the state. While violent crime rates followed the national trend and rose in the past year, property crime rates in Arizona enjoyed a steady decline. Despite the overall state rates, there are plenty of safe parts to live.

Florence is the safest city in Arizona, with the lowest crime rates in the city. It is one of many safe parts that also include San Luis, Sahuarita, and Oro Valley, among others. Knowing which area to choose is essential to getting the safest experience.

The Safest Parts to Live in Arizona

There are plenty of safe parts to live in Arizona, but here is an overview of what each of them can offer you. From the quieter urban areas to the livelier ones, every type of person looking to move to Arizona will find the perfect safe spot.


Florence is a historic city in Arizona that gets consistently voted as the safest part of the state. This is supported by the low crime rates: it has fewer than 100 property crimes reported per year.

With a population just shy of 30,000, Florence has been voted the safest city in Arizona for the third consecutive year. This quiet and scenic National Historic District is a great choice for those seeking a safe place to live.

San Luis

Found in Yuma County, San Luis is a city with a population of 35,574. This city is an important hub for the state’s industrial and agricultural sectors. The low violent crime and property crime rates make it one of the safest places to live in Arizona.

While San Luis is considered generally safe, the northeast area, in particular, is a huge draw. Those seeking to find safety in Arizona should consider this among their top choices. This small but lively desert city has plenty to offer.


Sahuarita can be found in Pima County, with easy access to Tucson. The proximity to all the opportunities in the city makes this town of 32,053 people an attractive prospect. This is enhanced when considering the consistently low crime rates in the area.

Sahuarita offers peace and quiet just outside the second largest city in Arizona. Those looking for a safe area to live in that still has great connections should keep this town in mind.

Oro Valley

A suburban town just outside Tucson, Oro Valley is known for its safety. Its decreasing property crime rates have boosted its rank on the list of Arizona’s safest areas. With 46,634 people living there, those rare and consistent decreasing rates are even more impressive.

Oro Valley is a peaceful place with amazing views. It is also home to some of the best tech firms in the area, which makes its median household income higher than many other towns in the country.


With a population of 259,629, Gilbert is a sprawling town in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It is one of the safest parts of Arizona around Phoenix and has seen a consistent decrease in crime rates, especially property crime.

This welcoming town in Maricopa County has a great food scene thanks to its agricultural roots. It is also known for its friendliness, and it is usually chosen as one of the best places to live in the country thanks to its safety and atmosphere.


Surprise is a Maricopa County town with 144,620 people. It boasts a consistent decrease in both violent crime and property crime rates and is seen as one of the safest parts of Arizona as well as in the country.

Surprise lives up to its name by providing an amazing community full of amenities. Beyond its safety, it is also known for its great shops, health care, and public transportation. It is also great for both sports and art fans, with plenty to discover. The gorgeous weather year-round is an additional plus.

Where Should You Not Live in Arizona?

If safety is your priority, there are some areas in Arizona you are advised not to even consider. These include Phoenix, Holbrook, Tucson, and Kingman. Holbrook, in particular, has high rates of property crime, and the bigger cities see a consistent increase in crime rates.


While crime rates are steadily increasing around the country, some communities in Arizona still manage to offer plenty of safety. Many of these parts of the state have been enjoying an ongoing decrease in property crime and violent crime incidents.