Seattle, Washington, is known for many things, including its delicious seafood, fun atmosphere, and, of course, its rainy weather. But if you want to enjoy all the great aspects of Seattle without getting caught in the rain, you will certainly want to know: When does it rain the least in Seattle?

It rains the least in Seattle, Washington, in July. In fact, Seattle only experiences an average of 0.7 inches of precipitation over 5 days during the month of July. August also has minimal rainfall, with only 0.9 inches over 5 days throughout the month.  

Now, if you want to learn everything there is to know about the driest and rainiest months in Seattle, this article is for you! We will go through the data so you can find out when you want to visit the great city of Seattle. 

When Does it Rain the Least in Seattle?

The driest season in Seattle is the summer months, from May to September. July and August experience the least amount of rain; however, Seattle still enjoys sunny days in May, June, and September. 

Here’s the breakdown of average rainfall throughout the summer months in Seattle.

MonthMayJuneJuly August September
Average Rainfall (Inches)
Rainy Days119558

As you can see, Seattle experiences very little rainfall in July and August, but the other months of summer also allow for tons of outdoor activities as less than 30% of the days are actually rainy. 

When Does it Rain the Most in Seattle?

Of course, there is a reason why Seattle is known as such a rainy city. During the winter season, Seattle endures quite a lot of rainfall. 

Average Rainfall (Inches)
Rainy Days1819191616

That means that more than two-thirds of the month, you will have a rainy day in Seattle during the winter. 

This is why Seattle is known around the world as being an extremely rainy city. However, you may be wondering how the city compares to the rest of the country and if it really is the rainiest city. 

Is Seattle the Rainiest City in the USA?

Contrary to popular belief, Seattle is nowhere near the rainiest city in the United States! 

The average annual rainfall is only 37 inches, and there are more than 200 sunny days every year. 

Boston, New York, Tampa, and dozens of other U.S. cities experience more rainfall every year than Seattle does. 

So, why does everyone think it is so rainy in Seattle? There are a few guesses as to why this rumor is so well-spread, but the bottom line is that it really doesn’t rain all that much in Seattle. 

Even in the winter months, when it rains for more than two-thirds of the month, it doesn’t rain throughout the day but instead in small increments. 

Seattle residents can, therefore, still enjoy being outside in the winter, as long as they bring a raincoat or umbrella for the expected small shower. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Seattle?

Here’s the thing: In the winter months of Seattle, you will certainly have a few rainy or at least cloudy days. 

But the weather is nowhere near as extreme as some of its northern neighbors. It hardly ever gets to be freezing temperatures, and although it is overcast, the days are chilly but pleasant. 

That being said, if you prefer sunshine to clouds, as most people do, you should definitely visit Seattle in the summertime!

The months of June, July, and August are absolutely beautiful. Only 5 days a month are expected to experience a bit of rain, and even then, it is usually more of a mist than actual rainfall. 

With all the amazing parks and outdoor spaces in Seattle, visiting during the summer means you will be able to fully enjoy what the city has to offer, without worrying about bringing your umbrella everywhere you go! 

The Bottom Line

So, when does it rain the least in Seattle? You know the answer to this by now! 

But just in case you forgot, the summer months are the least rainy in Seattle, and specifically, July and August have the very least rain. 

On the other hand, the winter months do experience quite a lot of rain. November, December, and January are the rainiest months of the year in Seattle. 

It is important to understand that it actually doesn’t rain nearly as much as people think in the city of Seattle. With around 200 sunny days every year, this city is a beautiful and exciting place to visit or live!