Millennials are the current leading generation when it comes to young professionals in their late 20s and 30s. These are the people looking for the best career opportunities, as well as for the best places to live that offer them everything they need.

Millennials living in Phoenix can choose from a range of hip neighborhoods and areas. These include Camelback East, Encanto, and Downtown Phoenix, among others. There are options to cater to all tastes.

If you are interested in finding out more about the best places in Phoenix for millennials, read on below.

Where Do Millennials Live in Phoenix?

Known for being Arizona’s capital, Phoenix reigns over the huge metropolitan area locals refer to as the Valley of the Sun. It is a vibrant city with an affordable housing market and many job opportunities, as well as numerous artistic and cultural events that cater to millennials.

Phoenix has 386 constituent neighborhoods and amazing surrounding areas. Of these, there are many that perfectly suit the needs of millennials. Camelback East, Encanto, Downtown Phoenix, and Tempe are only some of the most popular ones to discover.

The Best Phoenix Areas for Millennials

In lively Phoenix, the weather is beautiful, and the opportunities for a good life are in constant bloom. The city and the metropolitan area cover the most space in Arizona, and many of the Phoenix neighborhoods are trendy and in high demand for millennials.

Camelback East

A scenic Phoenix suburb located between Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak, Camelback East Village is the most popular choice for millennials. This is where the frequently-visited Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden are located.

This peaceful Phoenix neighborhood is older and quieter than most of the rest but does not feel disconnected from the city. There are numerous shopping opportunities, along with some of the best bars and restaurants in the city.

The proximity to amazing hiking trails and the affordable real estate make it ideal for single young professionals in particular. The beautiful houses and renovated ranches on offer can also become dream homes for growing families. A great pair of hiking shoesy is an absolute must, as this will be your new weekend go-to activity.


The popular Encanto is located just outside Downtown Phoenix, offering all of its atmospheres at lower price points. It is an ideal location for young professionals, especially those working in healthcare. This is the best area in the city for that sector.

Encanto has an abundance of beautiful real estate options on offer to suit every budget. From apartments and condos to ranches and Spanish Colonial Revival houses, there is something here for everyone.

With such easy access to the bustling life and opportunities in the center of Phoenix, Encanto rates highly for millennials.

Downtown Phoenix

For those with a little more money to spare, there is no beating Downtown Phoenix when it comes to enjoying everything the city has to offer. It is also ideal for millennials working in the financial sector.

With so much urban atmosphere, it is an extra highlight that this neighborhood is designed to be walkable. All the necessary amenities are only ever minutes away, and all the best eateries in the city are located in the area.


Tempe is a city just outside Phoenix and one of the most sought-after locations for millennials working in the city but looking for more affordable housing. Tempe also has some of the best nightlife opportunities in the area, thanks to its college atmosphere.

Tempe is home to one of the Arizona State University campuses, and it’s known for its welcoming atmosphere. Sports and arts events abound, and Tempe Town Lake offers many activities to nature lovers.


Arcadia is the Phoenix neighborhood where everyone wants to live. It is a scenic area located between Phoenix and Scottsdale. Ideal for young professionals and families alike, it offers a short commute to the city.

Thanks to Frank Lloyd Wright’s design of the David and Gladys Wright House, many houses in Arcadia have original custom designs that are unique finds. Arcadia also has some of the biggest plots of land available in the area.

Its gorgeous surroundings and proximity to Camelback Mountain and Downtown Phoenix make Arcadia a perfect millennial address.

North Gateway

Known as the safest neighborhood in Phoenix, North Gateway can be found only a half hour away from Downtown. It offers a quiet lifestyle, but not one that is fully disconnected from entertainment.

It is great for young professionals and those seeking to have a family. The safe environment is a huge plus for those looking to settle down in the Phoenix area. There are amazing eateries in North Gateway and a slower-paced community that is quickly growing.

Nature lovers will also thrive in this area, thanks to the amazing climate, stunning views, and numerous activities. It also offers easy access to Lake Pleasant Regional Park, home to all kinds of water activities, including fishing and even scuba diving.


With huge job market opportunities and affordable real estate, Phoenix is a great place for millennials to live. The huge metropolitan area known as the Valley of the Sun has much to offer those seeking to settle down there, and Phoenix has some of the trendiest neighborhoods in the area.