Around the world, rainfall is more abundant in some regions than in others. Those averse to the damp may benefit from seeking out areas where rain isn’t as often found. There are plenty of areas to explore, and many countries have less rain than their counterparts.

On average, the country with the least rain is Egypt, where some regions see barely any rainfall throughout the year. While Egypt is the country with the least rain, there are other areas that do not experience significant precipitation.

If you are interested in finding out which country rains the least, read below to explore more details about rainfall in different areas of the world.

Which Country Does It Rain the Least?

The average annual precipitation worldwide tends to be measured in millimeters in depth per year. This shows where it rains the least and which countries receive less rainfall than others.

Country:Average Yearly Precipitation (mm):
Saudi Arabia59

Let’s take a deeper look at these countries and their driest areas.


While unsurprising when taking into consideration that most of Egypt is desertland, this is the country with the least rain around the world. On average, the yearly precipitation is as low as 18 mm. So, no, you don’t need to pack an umbrella and poncho if you’re touring Egypt.

Egypt receives little precipitation across its territory, but one of the least rainy areas can be found in Luxor, in the south. Known for its impressive archaeological heritage, Luxor has an average rainfall of 0.862mm per year. This makes it one of the driest regions in the world.

The driest area in Egypt is Aswan, also located in the south of the country. This city on the Nile tends to have only 1 mm of rain per year, which makes it the driest permanently inhabited area in the world.


Libya follows behind Egypt as the country where it rains the least. Also located in North Africa, the 56 mm of rain Libya experiences on average each year makes it one of the driest countries in the world.

The driest area in Libya can be found in the Al-Kufrah oasis in the southeast region of the country. Here, the average rainfall per year is only 0.033 mm per year. Despite the abundance of underwater springs in the area, this region is one of the driest on the continent.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, located along the Arabian Peninsula, is a land of arid and fascinating beauty. With an average rainfall of 56 mm per year, this kingdom is known for its constant dryness, no matter the season.

Of all the regions in Saudi Arabia, the one with the least rain is the sand desert Rub’ al Khali, or the Empty Quarter. Its name indicates just how dry this area of Saudi Arabia gets, with the average precipitation per year usually falling under 35mm.


The Middle Eastern Arab country of Qatar is known both for its impressive desert landscapes and its beaches along the Gulf Coast. Qatar is also fourth on the list of countries where it rains the least, with an average annual precipitation of 74 mm.

Of all the dry areas in Qatar, the northeast coast is the one with the least rain, especially around the city of Al Khor. The dry months in Al Khor, particularly December, see as little as 11 mm of precipitation on average.

Where Does It Rain the Least?

Egypt is the country where it rains the least in the world, but there are several other areas that are known for their dryness. Here’s a quick overview of the areas in the world with the least rain, separate from the countries they belong to.


It comes as no surprise that the continent of Antarctica receives little rain, but it offers an impressive statistic. The McMurdo Dry Valleys region of the continent has 0 rainfall. All the precipitation in the region is snow.


The city of Arica in Chile is known as the driest in the world. Located next to the vastness of the Atacama Desert, Arica tends to have an average annual rainfall of 0.761 mm. Despite this lack of rain, visitors to Arica should expect plenty of humidity in the city.

Where Does It Rain the Least in the US?

In the US, there are various dry areas. The state with the least rain is Nevada, where the average yearly rainfall is 8 inches, or 203 mm. The driest city in the US is Yuma, in Arizona, which sees an average yearly rainfall of 2.65 inches, or 67 mm.

Joining Nevada and Arizona as the driest areas in the US are Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming, all states with at least partly arid climate. These areas are known for their landscapes and for their varied temperatures, as well as their dryness.


Egypt is the country with the least rain in the world, based on annual precipitation levels. Other desert countries like Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar follow in its wake, while the entire continent of Antarctica is known for its true polar dryness.