Spring Hill can be found in Hernando County, Florida, just north of Tampa. Spring Hill is known for its great weather, safe areas, and affordable real estate, but what makes houses so cheap there?

On average, houses are so cheap in Spring Hill, Florida, due to being located in what is known as ‘Sinkhole Alley.’ This area in Central Florida is at higher risk for sinkholes, but there is more to consider when purchasing property in Spring Hill.

Spring Hill, Florida, can be a very affordable place to live with many perks. While the sinkhole risk is elevated, read on below to find out more about this area in Central Florida.

Why Are Houses So Cheap in Spring Hill, Florida?

Spring Hill is located in the Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater metropolitan area in Hernando County. This Central Florida location is part of the scenic Nature Coast and offers great access to some of the best beaches in the area, along with affordable housing.

The Central Florida area of Hernando County, Hillsborough County, and Pasco County is colloquially known as ‘Sinkhole Alley’ due to the increased risk for these events. This is the main reason why houses are so cheap in Spring Hill.

The sinkhole risk in Central Florida is caused in large part by the limestone soil prevalent in the area. The water found in the soil in Spring Hill, Florida, is naturally acidic and, combined with rainwater in the wet season, will cause voids underground.

When the layer just above these holes gives way, it causes the ground to sink, which can create extensive damage, including irreparable destruction in houses. Despite this increased risk, many people still move to Spring Hill, thanks to the many benefits.

Is Spring Hill, Florida, a Nice Place to Live?

Spring Hill is known to be a safe place to live, with low crime rates, diverse communities, and a booming job market. While its main draw is affordable housing, it offers plenty of other perks to those seeking to move there.

Spring Hill, Florida, is a nice place to live thanks to the low cost of living, the low crime rates, and the good schools in the area. The diverse community helps with the great ratings. All these factors are put together to add to the appeal of Spring Hill.

Despite the significant risk of sinkholes, Spring Hill, Florida, is consistently well-rated. The general affordability of the area is at the top of the list, but there is more to recommend it.

What is Spring Hill, Florida, Known For?

Spring Hill, Florida, is a quieter community with an estimated population of 113,508. Despite this, there are some aspects of it that make it quite well known in the area beyond its real estate.

Spring Hill, Florida, is primarily known for its lovely climate, as well as for the many attractions available in Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, especially the underwater mermaid show. It is also known for its organic farms like Sweetfield, where families can enjoy a day of fun.

The Alfred McKethan, Pine Island Park, is a great place to enjoy a picnic, and the Nature Coast Botanical Garden is a beautiful area to explore, run entirely by volunteers. Hernando Beach is one of the most scenic locations in the state and known among locals as the Venice of Florida.

With so much to see and so much nature to enjoy in Spring Hill, you can see why people love taking advantage of houses being so cheap in the area.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Spring Hill, Florida?

The housing cost in Spring Hill, Florida, is lower than the rest of the country and lower than the rest of the state. The average price for a house in Spring Hill, Florida, is around $340,290. This can decrease to around $310,000, depending on the time of year.

Along with the low cost of living in Spring Hill, Florida, houses being so cheap attracts many newcomers to this part of ‘Sinkhole Alley’. This has created an increasingly competitive real estate market that may affect prices and availability going forward.

What Are the Cons of Living in Spring Hill, Florida?

The main con of living in Spring Hill, Florida, is the increased risk of sinkholes. Besides that, the location is also in a high-risk hurricane zone, which can add further issues with real estate after you buy a house here.

If you would like to move to Spring Hill, Florida, make sure to get home insurance that protects you from the ravages of the elements, including hurricanes and sinkholes. As long as you are protected, you can have more peace of mind when investing in one of the cheap houses in Spring Hill.

Final Thoughts

Houses are so cheap in Spring Hill, Florida, due to the increased risk of sinkholes in the whole area surrounding it. If you are not deterred by this risk factor, you can enjoy the cheap housing and living costs, along with the many natural attractions in the region.