You’re moving to Indiana; congratulations! There’s a lot to do in this Midwestern state, from outdoor activities to visiting amusement parks. You might be wondering, though, which city in Indiana has the best weather?

The city in Indiana with the best weather is Santa Claus. Compared to other cities in Indiana, this Christmas-themed city has 5% more sunny days, nearly 50% less snow, a better comfort index, and higher average temperatures than other Indiana cities.

There’s more than just the world’s first theme park in Santa Claus to look forward to. Santa Claus has the best weather in Indiana! Keep reading to learn more about why Santa Claus has the best weather in Indiana.

Santa Claus Has The Best Weather In Indiana

You may be wondering what weather Santa Claus has to earn the title of “best weather in Indiana.” Santa Claus was compared to other cities in Indiana with similar climates and Indiana averages to decide.

Two reasons why Santa Claus has the best weather in Indiana are because, on average, there are 19 more sunny days and 11 inches less snow than Indiana’s average.

Sunny days and snowfall aren’t the only weather conditions that determined Santa Claus’ ranking, though. Factors like days with precipitation, rainfall, and comfort index were all taken into consideration.

Santa Claus Comfort Index Above US Average

The comfort index measures how comfortable an area is based on humidity and average afternoon high temperatures. For example, Santa Claus has a 7.3 comfort index, which is higher than Indiana’s 7.1 and the United States’ average of 7.

Additionally, 5 months a year have a comfort rating above 8. The most comfortable months in Santa Claus are May, June, September, and October, all with ratings above 8.5.

Precipitation Is Lower in Santa Claus

An important factor that decided Santa Claus as the city in Indiana with the best weather is the frequency and amount of precipitation received annually. Days with precipitation, rainfall, and snowfall are factors used.

Less Days With Precipitation Than Indiana Average

If you live in Santa Claus, you can expect less overall exposure to precipitation. Santa Claus, on average, has 74.84 days annually where there’s 0.1 inch or more precipitation. This ranks Santa Claus as drier than almost 64% of Indiana cities.

Higher Rainfall Than Indiana Average

Ranking in the top 5, Santa Claus has higher annual rainfall than almost all cities in Indiana. You can expect, on average, around 47-48 inches. However, even though you may receive more rain, this is immaterial because of the lower exposure to precipitation described above.

Low Snowfall In Santa Claus

Ironically, Santa Claus, a Christmas-themed town, is one of the least snowy cities in Indiana. Santa Claus receives about 10.7 inches of snow annually. That’s 11.3 inches less than Indiana’s average of 22.

Additionally, you’ll have only 10 days annually with accumulations of 1 inch or more of snow compared to Indiana’s average of 25.5 days.

Santa Claus The Sunniest City In Indiana

Arguably the most significant factor that decided Santa Claus as the city with the best weather is how many sunny days you’ll have annually compared to Indiana and the United States averages.

  • Santa Claus has 205 sunny days a year on average. That’s 5% more than Indiana’s average of 186 days.
  • Santa Claus has 4.7 months a year, where you can expect minimal cloud cover about 63% of the time.
  • Santa Claus has minimal cloud cover, on average, 56% of the time annually.

You can expect more sunny days and less cloud cover if you live in Santa Claus compared to other areas in Indiana.

Warmer Temperatures in Santa Claus

If you move to Santa Claus, you’ll be living in a city with warmer temperatures than other Indiana areas. In fact, Santa Claus ranks in the top 10 average temperatures of Indiana cities.

Santa Claus’ average annual temperature is 55.9 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 4.1 degrees higher than Indiana’s average and 1.4 degrees higher than the national average.

Summers Are Hotter Than Most Places in Indiana

The consequence of Santa Claus being warmer than other areas in Indiana is that it’s also hotter in the summer. It’s one of the hottest places in Indiana, with summer highs reaching an average of 87 degrees and 29.4 days annually where temperatures exceed 90 degrees.

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Winters Are Warmer Than Most Places in Indiana

The benefit of Santa Claus being warmer than other areas in Indiana is that the winters are also warmer and, therefore, milder. Santa Claus is one of the warmest places in Indiana.

  • There are 82 days annually where the temperature low is below freezing. The average in Indiana is 117.1 days.
  • There are 1.5 days annually where the temperature low is below zero degrees Fahrenheit. The average in Indiana is 5.2 days.

Combined with being one of the least snowy cities in Indiana, the benefits of mild winters in Santa Claus far outweigh the downsides of hotter summer weather. The mild winters also contribute significantly to the higher overall comfort rating of 7.3.


If you’re thinking about or actively planning on moving to Indiana and wondering what city has the best weather in Indiana, Santa Claus is the answer! Not only will you be moving to America’s Christmas town, you’ll be moving to the city in Indiana with the best weather.