The state of New Jersey has similar weather in cities across the state.  However, it does have both inland and coastal locations.  This can create small differences in weather depending on where the city is located.  

The city with the best weather in New Jersey is Atlantic City.  Atlantic City has a 4% higher average annual temperature when compared to the average for New Jersey.  Also, the winters are mild with little snowfall, and the summers are pleasant, with the highs only reaching 81°F.    

What are the reasons that Atlantic City has the best weather when compared to other cities in New Jersey?  Is it just the average temperatures? There could also be other factors that make the weather more pleasant.  Additional information on why the weather is the best in Atlantic City is included below.

What is the Average Annual Temperature in Atlantic City?

The average annual temperature in Atlantic City is 54.3°F.  The hottest months in Atlantic City are June – September.  The temperatures during these months will range from a high 81°F to a low of 63°F.   The coldest months in Atlantic City are the winter months, December – February where the temperatures will range from a high of 47°F to a low 29°F. 

When compared to the rest of the state, Atlantic City has a 4% higher annual average temperature.  This warmer climate has advantages when you are looking at annual heating costs. 

In Atlantic City the average heating cost is around $219.30 in the winter months.  This is $31.21 less than the average for the state.  With the winter months having colder temperatures, it is great to be able to make sure that you are not breaking the bank to heat your residence.

How Much Does It Rain in Atlantic City?

It rains in Atlantic City an average of 74 days per year, which is about 3 days less per year than other cities within the state.  Also, the amount of rain during the year is about 3% less in Atlantic City. 

The rainiest month in Atlantic City is March where there is an average of 11.2 days of rain.  The month of November only has 6.9 days of rain, making it a great time to be in the city.

While there are rainy days in Atlantic City, there is also a lot of sunshine throughout the year.  This is great because it means there are more days you can visit the beach during the summer months. 

Does it Snow a Lot in Atlantic City?

It does snow in Atlantic City. However, the amount of snow and number of snow days compared to the rest of the state are lower.  This is another reason that Atlantic City has the best weather in New Jersey. 

During the winter months, it will snow more than an inch about 11 days a year, and the amount of snow is 16.87 inches which are well below the rest of the state.  The average number of days it snows in New Jersey is 22 and the average amount of snow during the winter months is 23.27 inches.

If you happen to be in Atlantic City when it snows, don’t worry because there are still plenty of activities to do to keep you busy and the amount of snow will not be enough to keep you from going outside.

What is the Best Time to Travel to Atlantic City?

The best times to travel to Atlantic City is August or September.  During these months, you can visit the beach during the days, and you won’t have to worry about having higher humidity and higher average temperatures like in the month of July. 

Also, July is the busiest month for tourism in Atlantic City, so if you are looking to have a more relaxing vacation, it might be better to go after July when it is less crowded.

During the evenings, it does get cooler, but the temperatures are still pleasant enough to go out and enjoy the city’s nightlife. 


The best weather in New Jersey is in Atlantic City.  One main reason is the higher annual average temperatures compared to other locations.  Also, Atlantic city has many sunny days throughout the year, especially in the summer months.  If you are in Atlantic City during the winter months, then the weather will also be better than other cities due to less snowfall.

These reasons, plus Atlantic City’s location by the ocean, make it a popular tourist destination.   One of the most popular things to do in Atlantic City is going to one of the many Casinos.  However, if you don’t like Casinos, you still have many things you can do during your visit.