Empty spaces on a bookshelf can throw off the entire look of your space. It has a way of making the room look incomplete. In most cases, it can also turn into a place where all the random things that don’t have a place end up, making it look even worse. What are some tricks for hiding empty bookshelf spaces?

There are countless ways you can fill in those spaces in a way that will add a charming touch to your room. If you need some ideas for filling empty shelf space, read on to learn some creative ways to do just that. 

Frame Out the Space

Frames are a great way to take up empty shelf space and add a personal touch to your room. For example, you can frame a few family photos to fill holes and accent what you hold closest to your heart. You can also add pictures of your pets. 

Framed quotes are also a great idea. You can buy decorative elements with quotes that display your favorite scriptures and sayings. If you like the DIY approach, you could even create your own. 

Fill Space and Add Storage 

Baskets can create visual appeal and help complete the look of your room. They make a great filler because they also serve as a place to store the small items cluttering the space. 

These items could include:

  • Magazines
  • Pens and pencils
  • Important papers
  • Mail
  • Keys 
  • Hair accessories
  • Craft supplies

The list only begins to cover the possibilities. These filler baskets can be a holding place for anything that fits inside. Another creative idea for baskets on your bookshelf is to use them to give your room a pleasant aroma. For example, the right small basket could hold Air Freshener Beads.

Light it Up

While burning a candle on your bookshelf is not recommended, you have many options for hiding empty shelving while giving it a decorative appeal.

If you’re not sure what type of candles to use, here are a few ideas: 

  • Flameless candles: Give your shelf the look of an actual burning candle without the fire hazard. 
  • Pillar candles: Add an elegant touch with candles on pillars, which sit your candles at different levels. If you want the burning candle look, consider flameless options for these as well. 
  • Lanterns: Candles that sit in a lantern-style candle holder will cover more ground, and further express your style.

With some research, you’ll find many other types of candles that you could use. Some may fit your taste better while covering the space just as effectively. 

Display Sentimental Items

The things displayed on your shelves only have to make sense to you. If you have something that may not appear to be much to others but they have a special place in your heart because of the memories tied to them, consider displaying them in your bare shelf space. This could include family heirlooms, a note from a loved one, keepsakes from a memorable trip, etc. 

This could also include things that are special, like your partner, children, or grandchildren, gifted to you. Displaying these things would likely make the person who gifted them feel special. It would also give you a daily reminder of the particular time when they gifted it to you. 

Decorate with Glass Jars, Vases, and Bowls

While these things may seem plain on their own, there are many decorative elements you can add to them to make them one of your favorite pieces. 

Some examples include:

These are just some ideas to ignite creativity. The possibilities are unending. You can also add decorative elements to the outside of these glass containers to give them even more character. Burlap and twine are popular examples.

Fill Space with Chalkboards

If you want to add an adorable personal touch to your empty shelf space, consider adding a decorative chalkboard. You can use them for reminders for yourself or others in your home. 

This idea could also add some fun to your home. For example, you and your family could exchange messages on the board. Additionally, you could add your favorite inspirational or funny quote.

Give Your Houseplants a Home

Adding small plants to your empty spaces is an excellent way to fill them. Live houseplants can add color and character to the bare area. 

Artificial plants are just as effective for this project if you lack a green thumb or time to care for a live plant.

Combine Decorative Elements

If you’ve added your items of choice and still feel your bookshelf needs a few finishing touches, there are many small decorative elements you can use alone to fill a small space or combine with others to create a more extensive cover-up. 

Some ideas of decorative elements you could use to fill space include:

  • Risers: Risers are small, decorative shelves that can add dimension to your decor. 
  • Trays: Trays come in many shapes and sizes and can be used to enhance your decor or even give your keys a safe home. 
  • Bead garland: Adding these decorative strands of beads can liven up your arrangement.
  • Decorative boxes: These can fill space, add a decorative touch, and add some additional storage to your space.

This list barely covers the possibilities but is a great place to start if you lack inspiration. 

Give Your Bookshelf a Theme

If you like for things to coordinate, you could add decor that gives your shelves a theme that matches the rest of your decor in the room. However, it doesn’t have to match. Giving your bookshelf a trendy theme that seems too bold for the entire room is a great way to add a charming touch to your space.

The table below is loaded with ideas for theming your bookshelf:

Tray setBeads LanternsFake booksClockKeepsake boxLanternPhoto framesBasketPampas grassDecorative boxChakra tree

The themes above are just a few popular ideas. Get creative and express your love for sunflowers, cows, animal print, etc. 

Start Adding Your Favorite Things

Your books not taking up your entire shelf space isn’t a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to liven up the shelf, reflect your style, and add a personal touch to your area. Decide how you want to fill the spaces from the list above, or tap into your creativity to create ideas more unique to your style.