Alaska is a beautiful state filled with natural wonders, including 130 active volcano systems. If you are a more adventurous tourist, you may be wondering if it is possible to visit these volcanoes.

You can visit many of Alaska’s 130 active volcanoes. However, to do so safely, you usually need to arrange a custom tour with one of the many companies offering the service.

Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about visiting Alaska’s active volcanoes. Keep reading to learn how to do so safely!

Can You Visit the Active Volcanoes in Alaska?

There are a total of 130 active volcanoes in Alaska. Many of these erupt an average of one to two times a year

If you are a more adventurous tourist or just curious, you may be wondering if you can visit these active volcanoes.

You can visit the active volcanoes in Alaska. However, to do this safely, you must book a custom tour with a company certified in giving volcano tours.

It is not advised that you try to explore Alaska’s volcano systems without the assistance of a certified tour guide.

Are the Volcanoes in Alaska Dangerous?

With the sheer amount of active volcano systems in Alaska, you may be wondering if they pose any danger to you as a tourist.

Alaska’s volcanoes are very dangerous. They erupt one to two times per year, and harmful ashes and debris can be present in the air around volcanoes even when they are not erupting.

Because of this, it is not a good idea to explore Alaska’s volcanoes without the help of a certified tour guide.

A certified tour guide is knowledgeable about the volcano’s eruption patterns and how to avoid harmful ashes and debris.

How Many Active Volcanoes Are There in Alaska?

Alaska is known for its large number of volcanoes. It actually has the most active volcanoes of any state in the US, with a total of 130 active volcanoes and volcano systems. 

Alaska averages around one to two eruptions per year. If you are planning to visit Alaska’s volcanoes, it is advisable to check eruption forecasts online before embarking on your trip.

How Do You Book a Custom Tour to See Alaska’s Volcanoes?

To safely visit Alaska’s volcanoes, you must book a custom tour.  

There are many certified companies that offer this service, with a variety of packages and price ranges to choose from. 

However, the manner in which you can book one of these custom tours is pretty much the same across the board. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book a custom tour of Alaska’s volcanoes.

  • Select a company that offers custom tours of Alaska that fits your needs and budget.
  • Select your desired package.
  • Fill out the necessary forms with your contact information.
  • Sign the necessary waivers.

During the more tourist-heavy summer months, there may be a waitlist for guided tours of Alaska’s volcanoes.

How Do You Keep Yourself Safe While Visiting Alaska’s Volcanoes?

Even with the assistance of a certified tour guide, Alaska’s volcanoes can be quite dangerous. 

Below, we’ll discuss some safety measures you should take while visiting the active volcanoes in Alaska. 

Pay Attention to Eruption Forecasts

Though your tour guide should be aware of the eruption patterns of Alaska’s volcanoes, it’s advisable to research eruption patterns yourself. 

If one of the volcanoes starts erupting when you are nearby, evacuate and get indoors immediately. 

Protect Your Skin

Even if a volcano is not currently erupting, harmful ash and debris can still be present in the air surrounding it. This can burn and irritate your skin. 

To protect yourself from any harmful components in the air, you’ll need to cover your skin. 

Some items you’ll need include: 

  • Long pants
  • A hooded jacket
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • A baseball hat
  • An N-95 or other full-coverage mask
  • Full-coverage socks and shoes

Be sure to bring everything you’ll need before you embark on your trip.

In Conclusion

Alaska’s 130 active volcanoes are undoubtedly beautiful pieces of nature, but they are extremely dangerous. 

For this reason, you should only explore active volcanoes through a certified custom tour. 

There are many companies that offer these tours, which accommodate a variety of needs and budgets. 

Even if you book a custom tour, it’s important to take your own steps to ensure your safety while visiting Alaska’s volcanoes, including researching eruption patterns and protecting your skin.