Oregon has many beautiful volcanoes, especially along the border it shares with California. There are a total of 61 volcanoes in Oregon, with five of them being active. It’s no wonder that visiting Oregon’s volcanoes is on many people’s bucket lists, but are the volcanoes in Oregon open to visitors?

The volcanoes in Oregon are open to tourists year-round. Generally, summer is the best time to visit these volcanoes, as the weather is typically more temperate during these months. 

Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about visiting Oregon’s volcanoes. Keep reading to learn more! 

Can You Visit Oregon’s Volcanoes?

The volcanoes in Oregon are an immensely popular tourist destination. Many people love to hike alongside the ridges of the volcanoes and admire the beautiful nature that surrounds them.

The volcanoes in Oregon are open to visitors year-round. Summer is typically the most desirable season to visit Oregon’s volcanoes.

Each one of Oregon’s volcanoes has a unique beauty and terrain. The rules and regulations for visiting the volcanoes may vary by season and specific location.

How Do You Stay Safe While Visiting Oregon’s Volcanoes?

As beautiful as Oregon’s volcanoes may be, there are many safety hazards associated with exploring the range of volcanoes. 

Some of the dangers are similar to most other wilderness areas, like getting lost, going off the trail, or dehydration, but it also possesses some unique dangers. 

Even volcanoes that are not erupting can collapse at times, and landslides are common around active volcanoes. 

Below, we’ll discuss a couple of things you can do to stay safe near Oregon’s volcanoes.

Stay on the Trails

It’s important to stay on the designated trails while exploring Oregon’s volcanoes to avoid areas vulnerable to collapse. 

The trails should be clearly marked, and there should be signs marking restricted areas.

Research Eruption Patterns 

Though volcanic eruptions in Oregon are relatively rare, it is important to be prepared for them. 

Check eruption patterns on the US Geological Survey website before visiting areas surrounding active volcanoes.

Bring Proper Safety Gear

Even if they are not erupting, volcanoes can release ash that can irritate your skin and eyes. Volcanic ash can be especially harmful to those with respiratory issues. 

While visiting volcanoes, wear long-sleeve shirts and pants to avoid skin irritants and goggles to prevent ash from getting into your eyes. 

It’s also advisable to bring a battery-powered portable radio in case of an emergency.

Research Evacuation Routes 

Although eruption forecasts are mostly correct, they can occasionally make errors. Because of this, it’s important to learn the evacuation routes before visiting volcanoes. 

What Time of Year is Best for Visiting Volcanoes in Oregon?

Oregon’s volcanoes are open to visitors year-round. However, some times of year are more ideal for visiting the volcanoes than others.

The best time of year to visit Oregon’s volcanoes is from June to July. During these months, the weather is generally dry and sunny, making it ideal for hiking around volcanic areas.

What Are the Best Volcanoes to Visit in Oregon?

There are many different volcanoes in Oregon you can visit. Each one has its own unique features and charm. 

Some of the best volcanoes to visit in Oregon include:

  • Rocky Butte
  • Mount Hood
  • Mount Tabor
  • Powell Butte
  • Mount Jefferson
  • Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Each of these volcanoes provides a unique hiking experience for anyone.

How Many Active Volcanoes Are There in Oregon?

Although the volcanoes in Oregon are beautiful and surrounded by wilderness, many of them are currently active. 

Although most scientists agree that none of these volcanoes are going to erupt anytime soon, it is still a thrill to walk along the ridge of an active volcano.

There are four active volcanoes in Oregon, including: 

  • Mount Hood 
  • Mount Jefferson
  • Three Sisters
  • Newberry

Though these volcanoes are unlikely to erupt, it’s still important to look up their eruption patterns before visiting. 

In Conclusion 

There are many beautiful volcanoes to visit in Oregon. Though all these volcanoes are open to visitors year-round, it is generally best to visit them in June and July. 

Though these volcanoes are unlikely to erupt, it’s important to take safety measures when visiting them. 

These measures include staying on the trails, researching eruption patterns, bringing proper safety gear, and researching evacuation routes.