There are many different rules when you are a motorcyclist. Many of these rules differ from those driving in a regular vehicle. This includes the topic of lane splitting, which isn’t always illegal in some states, but is it illegal in Florida?

In Florida, driving between lanes or lane splitting is considered illegal. Motorcyclists cannot drive between lanes to get around other vehicles, and could result in a punishment.

There are many reasons why it is illegal to lane split in Florida. Knowing why and what will happen if you get caught doing it is important. Here is everything you need to know so you don’t find yourself in a predicament.

Is Lane Splitting Legal In Florida?

No. It is illegal for you to lane split in the state of Florida. This is where you drive between lanes, often when a motorist tries to weave through traffic. 

If caught by authorities, the perpetrator could be punished, but not everyone gets caught. People lane split all the time, just like people often speed or change lanes without a blinker.

There are other states that frown upon this act, but it isn’t considered illegal. Some of these states include California and Arizona. 

Motorcyclists can drive between lanes without any penalty or punishment. Even so, this can increase the risk of getting into an accident or causing congestion.

Why Is Lane Splitting Illegal?

Lane splitting is illegal for many reasons, but lawmakers’ main concern is safety. Lane splitting can be dangerous and cause accidents. Here are a few other reasons for this being illegal:

  • Cause accidents.
  • The increased speeds during this.
  • It can add to traffic jams and crowded lanes.
  • Other drivers may not be paying attention when switching lanes.
  • There can sometimes not be enough room between vehicles.

Any of these increases the risk of an accident. One wrong move and you have a collision or cause a traffic jam that no one really wants to deal with. And not doing it can save lives.

Is It Dangerous?

Lane splitting hasn’t been the biggest controversial topic, but there is a wide variety of opinions on if it is dangerous. 

If everyone is using the proper communication with their blinkers and observing their surroundings, it isn’t that dangerous.

But not everyone is a great driver, so you have an increased risk of a collision. Drivers may not see the motorcyclist, not use a blinker, and so much more. There are just so many things that can increase the risk of a wreck.

In California, there was a study on motorcycle accidents. They wanted to see if lane splitting was one of the major causes. 

They concluded that about 17% of motorcycle collisions were due to this practice, which isn’t as high as some people thought. This may be why it’s still legal there.

What Is The Punishment For Lane Splitting?

If you see a motorcyclist lane splitting or do it yourself, will there be a punishment? Not always. Just like if you were speeding, you don’t always get pulled over for it. Law enforcement has to see you doing this before they can enforce it.

If you find yourself being pulled over for lane splitting, don’t expect your license to be taken away. You will just be issued a warning if it is your first time or gets a small ticket. 

It will probably only hurt your bank account, and maybe your monthly insurance rate. Nothing that will hurt you too much. 

Fine For Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is a minor moving violation. You will receive a moving violation ticket, and that’s just about it. The ticket could be upwards of $100, but this all depends on what county you are in. It could be more, and it could be less.

Is There A Chance Of Legalization In Florida?

Most likely not. This doesn’t mean that it could never happen, but these laws were put in place in the last few years because of the high numbers of casualties from collisions. These laws were put in place to reduce that number.

This is also to help reduce congestion in traffic because lane splitting has been known to add to such. With that being said, lawmakers will most likely not change the laws any time soon.

If you want to change these laws, you will need to contact your local lawmaker and address it with them. It may not work, but there’s no harm in asking. You can get quite a lot just by communicating to them.


Lane splitting can be dangerous, and so it is illegal in Florida. Just remember, when you are taking a drive on your motorcycle that you can be punished if law enforcement sees you.