Texas is quite a large state. Although it is quite young as a state, founded in 1845, a lot of interesting and historical background comes with it. You may be surprised at what you can find out.

Texas has been known for many things. There is the Alamo, the beaches, and it houses places like Six Flags as well as Sea World, but there are meany things that aren’t as well known. Here are some fun facts about the state of Texas.

Texas Has The Alamo

The Battle at the Alamo was an important event in the Texas Revolution. The Alamo is located in present day San Antonio and once was taken over by Mexican General Santa Anna. This is where the phrase “Remember the Alamo” was born.

Without the winning of this battle, Texas’s borders may have looked a little different. The Texas revolution may have had a different ending. 

Dr. Pepper Was Invented Here

Dr. Pepper was actually invented in Texas! Who would have thought the popular carbonated beverage has Texas origins. But it does. It was invented by Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas in 1904.

The recipe remains a secret to this day. It is so top secret that the company split the recipe into two halves and stored each at two different banks. They have gone to quite such lengths! But, it many people would love to know the truth.

Six Flags Represents More Than A Park

Six Flags Over Texas didn’t get its name just because it has six flags. It represents more. The name holds a lot of Texas’s history. Each flag represents a country that once ruled over Texas:

  • Spain
  • Confederate States of America
  • France
  • The Republic of Texas
  • Mexico
  • The United States

These origins helped provide many themes found within the park. You can see it as you journey through and visit each area.

Home To The First Frozen Margarita Machine

Dallas is proudly home of the first frozen margarita machine. Mariano Martinez, the inventor, saw a slurpee machine and thought to make something similar for frozen margaritas. Now you can thank Texas for having margarita machines in your favorite bars!

Texas Is Bigger Than Other Countries

Texas is the second largest state in the United States, having a land mass of 261,914 square miles! The smallest state, Rhode Island, having only 1,034 square miles which is smaller than the King Ranch found within Texas.

But this is not the only thing Texas is bigger than. It is bigger than many countries around the world. It is even bigger than the well known country of France that had owned Texas at one point in its history.

The Name “Texas” Comes From The Indigenious

The name Texas actually derives from the Indigenious tribe Caddo meaning “friends” or “allies.” The Caddo were a Native American tribe that dominated East Texas. The original form of the word was “Teycha” or “Tejas.” 

Lately there has been some push back of this story. A Spanish researcher claims that Texas didn’t come from the Caddo word, tejas. But there has not been a lot of evidence to refute this claim.

Austin Was Not Always The Capital

Believe it or not, the capital of Texas was not always Austin. There were several other places that served this function until Austin was chosen in 1839. In 1836, these five cities had the capital:

  • Galveston
  • Velasco
  • Washington-on-the-Brazos
  • Harrisburg
  • Columbia

Sam Houston, who had helped in the Texas Revolution, moved the capital to Houston in 1837, until the capital finally found a home in Austin. It still remains Austin to this day.

Texas Was Once An Independent Nation

Texas was actually an independent nation before it became a part of the United States. It used to be called the Republic of Texas and was a nation for almost ten years before becoming one of the 50 states.

Texas didn’t enter the United States through annexation like all the other states but instead became a state through a treaty. No longer was it an independent nation although there have been attempts to secede from the United States.

Houses The Capital Of Live Music

Austin is known for many things but one name it has been given is “Live Music Capital of the World.” This is because not only is Austin Texas’s largest city, it houses many music festivals that attract people from everywhere.

Not only are there many different music festivals that happen here, they have more live venues than other states across the United States. You can find all types of music here that attract people from all over that may not have access in their hometown.


Texas has many interesting historical points that attract many tourists. It also has a diverse attractions that many different types of people can enjoy from singles, to couples, to the entire family. You won’t be bored in Texas, because it is always bigger there.