When you think of Tennessee weather, snow may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s important to know that the state does get snow almost every winter, and depending on where you are, it can vary from 1 inch a year to a whopping 16 inches! So let’s find out what city in Tennessee gets the least snow. 

Cleveland is the city that gets the least snow in Tennessee every year. With only 1.5 recorded inches per year, the winters in this southeastern city are especially mild compared to the rest of the state. 

If you want to learn a little more about snowfall in Tennessee, including where you can find the city with the least snow each year and how many days of snow they expect, as well as how that number compares with snowfall in the rest of the state, this is exactly the article you have been looking for!

What City in Tennessee Gets the Least Snow?

Now that you know that Cleveland, Tennessee is the city with the least recorded snowfall in the state, it’s time to find out how much snow it gets and how it compares to the rest of the state! 

In general, Tennessee does not receive a lot of snow, especially compared to the rest of the country. The USA experiences an average of 28 inches of snowfall every year, Tennessee has an average of 5 inches, and Cleveland gets less than 2! 

Cleveland almost never experiences an actual snowstorm or even legitimate snowfall, but instead has a few dustings throughout the winter season. 

So it’s safe to say that if you don’t love snow, Cleveland, Tennessee may be one of the best places for you to be in the winter! 

Now let’s find out why this city experiences so little snow throughout the winter months, and a little more about the general weather you will find there. 

Why Does Cleveland, Tennessee Get the Least Snow?

Location, location, location! Cleveland, Tennessee gets so much less snow than anywhere else in the state and even in many parts of the country and there are essentially three reasons why. Because of where it is located geographically, the natural topography of the city, and the elevation. 

You can find Cleveland on the southern border of Tennessee, and this region is known for being quite warm because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Although it is not technically on the coast, the warm winds from the Atlantic Ocean basin come overland through Georgia and Alabama and sweep through Cleveland. 

As well, the forestation around Cleveland is extremely dense, and the moisture in the air created by both the tree coverings, plant growth, and damp nutrient-rich soil keep the temperatures on the warmer side all year round. 

The third reason why Cleveland, Tennessee experiences so much less snow than other areas is because of its extremely low elevation of only 869 feet. As you may already know, the higher the elevation, the colder the weather typically is. 

Now let’s find out a little more about what the weather is like in Cleveland through the winter all year round. 

What’s the Weather Like in Cleveland? 

Cleveland is a great place to live and visit because it experiences all four seasons but has an extremely mild winter. 

It’s important to understand that due to all of the reasons listed in the previous section, Cleveland, Tennessee has very warm summers, even compared to the rest of the state. 

It can be quite humid because of the winds from the Gulf, the dense forest cover, and the moist soil, and the temperatures regularly exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

However, this is great news for those of us who don’t love cold weather as the winters hardly ever record temperatures lower than 30 degrees. In fact, the only time the city actually goes below freezing is during the night. 

Because of the mild winters and humid summers, the most comfortable months in Cleveland, Tennessee are from October to May. While the city will still experience a decent amount of precipitation during these months, i.e. rain or sometimes snow, the days are generally sunny and enjoyable!

The Bottom Line

So, what city in Tennessee gets the least snow? Hopefully, you now know the answer to this one! 

But in case you forgot, Cleveland, Tennessee gets the least snow compared to anywhere else in the state with only 1.5 inches per year on average. 

This southern city is known for its humid summers and mild winters due to its low elevation, the warm winds that come off the Gulf of Mexico, and the dense forests that surround the city. 

If you like the heat and hate the snow, Cleveland, Tennessee might be the perfect location for you!