The most popular season for tourists to visit Austin, TX is summer, but some like to travel in the winter when it is less crowded. When planning a trip, it’s important to know what the weather will be like in order to pack accurately. So, does Austin get a lot of snow or ice?

While Austin does get snow and ice, it is typically not enough to shut down the city or make a big impact. It normally snows once every two years.  Ice and freezing weather is a little more common, however.

Keep reading to find out how to prepare for potential snow and ice during your next trip to Austin Texas. 

Winter Weather In Austin Texas

Let’s find out a little bit more about the colder weather in the Austin area. 

Austin Texas is categorized as a subtropical humid climate. This means that summers are very hot and the average is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, though it frequently gets above 100 degrees. 

This also means that winters are mild, with only 25 days of the year on average being below freezing.  As for snow, 0.3 inches of snow each year is the average.

October often begins in the high 80s and can drop as much as to the low 50s by the end of the month. 

The first time that temperatures drop below freezing typically happens in mid-November, though it can be as late as December due to the urban area’s heating of the atmosphere.

How to Prepare For Winter In Austin Texas

While we’ve established that there are times that Austin gets below freezing and even has the occasional snowfall, how can you prepare for the cold weather?

Something important to remember is that Austin’s winter weather will fluctuate often. Packing layers is the best way to go. The mornings may start out chilly and by the afternoon warm up and make jackets or sweaters unnecessary. 

Let’s take a look at what you can do below.

Bring a Jacket

Because snow, ice and freezing temperatures are mild in Austin, it’s definitely still possible to visit the popular spots and tourist destinations. 

Just make sure to watch the forecast and bring a jacket if needed. 

Plan for Snow and Ice

If snow and ice are in the forecast take all appropriate precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe. Check the local news to see if the roads are safe and plan your day around the weather.

Find Indoor Activities

Another option is to find things to do with your family indoors if you plan to visit in the colder season. Fortunately Austin Texas offers many fun activities that are inside and will keep you warm and toasty. 

There are many museums, art galleries, shops and family experiences that are all indoors. 

Does Austin Texas Have Four Seasons?

We’ve explained about how Austin Texas has temperate winters, but what about the other seasons? Does Austin have four seasons?

Spring In Austin, TX

Spring in Austin, while beautiful, is typically very short and hard to catch before it slides into hot summer weather. Spring looks like sunny weather and warm temperatures in the 70s. 

Although it may only last a month or so, it is still a great time to visit.

Summer In Austin, TX

As we’ve mentioned, the summers in Austin are very warm. The average temperature is 90 degrees. 

However, it is extremely common for it to get up to or over 100 degrees and to stay that hot for days in a row. 

The summers are also long, with temps rising in May and not cooling off until late September or early October. If you plan on visiting at this time make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. 

Autumn In Austin, TX

Fall in Austin is often a big relief for locals, as the temperatures average around 70 degrees. This is a great time to spend outdoors. 

Summer clothing is still often appropriate as it can still get up to the mid-80s. 


We hope this extensive guide to visiting Austin gives you some good information for your next trip. It’s truly a one of a kind city and has a seemingly endless list of restaurants, activities and shops. 

Although it’s very hot in the summers, its winter is very manageable and is typically mild. Ice and snow are rare and when they do happen it is at levels that are often still safe to travel in. 

Hopefully we have given you some good ideas for your next vacation.