The trees that were once covered in leaves are now barren and the long sunny days have been replaced by the shorter and colder days accompanied by the winter season. What does winter in Austin look like?

Winter in Austin Texas is generally mild, it doesn’t get extremely cold, and rarely does it snow here. Many people enjoy the winters in this city due to its warmer winters compared to other nearby cities.

What exactly is winter like in this city? Keep reading to learn about all the aspects of winter in Austin.

Is Austin, TX Nice In the Winter?

Winters in Austin are unlike anywhere else, this city sees short cold fronts and rarely snow. Average temperatures are generally in the 60s. 

Even in the heart of the Winter season, you can expect this city to be full of outdoor locals enjoying heated patios or decorating for their famous light displays around Christmas. 

Does Austin, TX Get Snow?

Austin’s average snowfall is zero per year, this means that snow that sticks to the ground is generally unheard of. 

The city does see less than an inch of snowfall each year.

Snow that sticks to the ground overnight is only seen about once a decade. 

Does Austin, TX Get Blizzards?

The winter of 2021 brought one of the worst blizzards Austin has ever seen making history for the bustling city. 

When this record-breaking ice storm hit this normally bustling city, it left them on edge and unable to operate for weeks.

Blizzards in this area are normally unheard of and have left residents scared for coming winters due to the scarcity of these storms. 

Now, let’s see what the coldest month in Austin, TX is.

What Is the Coldest Month In Austin, TX?

January in Austin is the coldest time of the year with temperatures averaging only 40℉ overnight and reaching an average of 60℉ during the day.  

Austin, TX Temperatures By Month

Austin’s temperatures fall all over a graph throughout the year, from cold winters to hot summers but what does this look like month by month?

Here’s a table explaining it:

January40℉ 60℉ 
February44℉ 65℉ 
March50℉ 72℉ 
April57℉ 78℉ 
May65℉ 84℉ 
June71℉ 90℉ 
July73℉ 95℉ 
August73℉ 95℉ 
September68℉ 90℉ 
October59℉ 81℉ 
November49℉ 70℉ 
December41℉ 62℉ 

It’s important to note that these numbers are only averages and do not reflect the highest or lowest temperature during these months. 

Record-Breaking Low Temperatures In Austin, TX

Just because winters in Austin are normally mild, it doesn’t mean that the city never sees colder weather. Some record-breaking low temperatures have been recorded recently within the city.

Austin’s lowest-ever recorded temperature was seen on January 31, 1949, with a blisteringly cold temperature of -2℉.

More recently a low of 6℉ was recorded on February 16, 2021, making it the 7th coldest date in history since records began in 1918. 

Record-Breaking Low Temperatures In Texas

If you think those temperatures are low, they are nothing compared to some of the other places in Texas. Especially in 1899 after an extremely cold winter.

On the night of February 12th Texas’ lowest temperature ever recorded would occur in Swisher County Texas located in the Texas Panhandle south of Amarillo. Most of Texas would set their first records tonight.

The small city of Tulia would reach a bone-chilling temperature of -23℉ that night. These temperatures would not be seen again until over 30 years later in 1933. 

Does Austin Have 4 Seasons?

The short answer is yes, Austin does have 4 very different seasons and they are all unique in their ways.


Winters in Austin are finicky so you can leave the house with a coat and may not need it during the lunch hour. This beautiful city still has so much to offer like ice skating at the flagship store!


Picnics and outdoor events are some of the few things spring in Austin has to offer as the warm weather arrives and thaws out the rest of the state.


Despite the hot sun and blazing heat Austin residents keep the party going all summer with outdoor concerts and local swimming holes. Swimsuits count as casual attire this time of year.


Changing leaves and dropping temperatures mean music festivals and nature hikes or for some this crisp weather can mean soaking in the fresh air on the patio with a good book. 

The constant changing of temperatures throughout the year doesn’t put a hold on any activities and this town knows just how to handle these temperatures with year-round entertainment!


Winters in Austin Texas are generally mild and called beautiful by locals. Little snow ever falls and even more rarely sticks or turns into more than a flurry. 

Aside from very rare record-breaking lows Austin Texas is a wonderful city to spend winters in.