Texas is a state known for its size and its hot summers. The weather varies across the state, from arid areas to humid ones. With such a diverse climate, you may wonder if snow is a common occurrence in Texas.

Overall, it does snow in Texas. The majority of snowfall in Texas is in the northern and western parts of the state. In central and southern areas, snow is a much more rare sight, though weather across the world has been changing. Snow can be found in Texas in winter for those knowing where to look.

If you’d like to enjoy snow in Texas, read on to find out which parts of the state to visit in the winter.

Does It Snow in Texas?

Thanks to its impressive size, Texas has a diverse climate. In the plateau across the northwest, the climate is continental, dry with hot summers and colder winters. The rest of the state has a subtropical climate, with increased humidity and mild winters.

This explains why the majority of the snowfall in Texas occurs in the north and west of the state. The east and south areas of Texas are less likely to see any snowfall, though the rise in extreme weather phenomena may see that changing in the future.

Where Does It Snow in Texas?

Those seeking snow in Texas can find them in specific areas of the state. The north and the west see the most snowfall, with some regions, in particular, offering it with certainty in the winter. So, if you live in northwest Texas, make sure you have snow boots and a shovel!

Northern Plains

The Northern Plains is the region covering the north of Texas. It includes the panhandle area, as well as cities such as Abilene, San Angelo, Amarillo, Wichita Falls, and Lubbock. The climate in the Northern Plains is a semi-arid one.

While the Northern Plains region tends to suffer from drought during the summer months, it sees an annual snowfall between 15 to 30 inches. The areas that see the most snowfall in the Northern Plains are along the border with New Mexico and in the panhandle.

Travelers wishing to experience snow in a Texan city can expect to see some in Amarillo during the winter months, especially at nighttime. The Texas panhandle is the area in the state that is most removed from the Gulf of Mexico and thus the one that tends to have the coldest temperatures, including bursts from the Arctic polar vortex.


The Trans-Pecos is the region of Texas west of the Pecos River, spreading over western and west-central parts of the state. This region is the one featuring most mountains, as well as part of the Chihuahuan Desert.

While visitors can find snow in this area of Texas, it won’t usually be at low elevation due to the scarce precipitation. In the winter months, travelers can seek the highest peaks in the Trans-Pecos, where they will usually find heavy snowfall.

El Paso and the surrounding area is one of the most scenic locations to experience snow in Trans-Pecos, thanks to the majestic mountains around it. Guadalupe Mountains National Park in the Chihuahuan Desert has the highest peaks in Texas and expected snowfall in the winter.

Also, in north Texas, cities like Dallas and Fort Worth don’t always experience snowfall, though, with some planning flexibility, it may still be possible to see it happen. January, February, and March are the likeliest months to expect some flurries of snow in the area.

What Are the Best Snow Locations Close to Texas?

Snow can’t be found in abundance in Texas. Unless you live in the areas that are more prone to snowfall, you will have to carefully plan a snow trip in the state that might be far from where you are.

Luckily, some of the states close to Texas offer plenty of snow opportunities, especially for those willing to jump on a plane for an extended winter holiday.

New Mexico

Some of the heaviest snowfall in Texas can be found in the region of the state bordering the neighboring state of New Mexico. This is where you will find the nearest fun-filled ski resorts to Texas.

Ruidoso and Taos are locations in New Mexico known for their winter activities. They can be found a twelve-hour and fourteen-hour drive from Houston, respectively, but benefit from great flight connections to Roswell, Albuquerque, and El Paso.


Colorado is a state known for its mountains and its infinite winter activities. Texans can go to Pagosa Springs or Breckenridge, both featuring great connections to Denver Airport. When snow isn’t easily available in Texas, a trip west to Colorado is always an ideal solution.

Pagosa Springs and Breckenridge are both around a sixteen-hour road trip from Houston for those who prefer to drive. There are several options available to those seeking a snow trip in places certain to have them.


While snow isn’t abundant across Texas, there are some areas prone to experiencing snowfall during the winter months. The regions across the north and the west of the state are the most likely to treat visitors to snow, especially in Armadillo, El Paso, and high in the mountains.