If you’re interested in moving to Austin, TX, you may be wondering if the city will be safe for your four-legged friend. You’re not alone – most pet owners have concerns about moving because they want the best place possible for their furry friend. 

Austin, TX is often considered one of the most dog-friendly cities in the entire United States. You can find a variety of pet-friendly events throughout the city year-round to enjoy with your pup.

Below, we’ll talk about all the reasons why Austin is a great city to move to if you’re looking for a city of dog lovers. To learn more about why Austin is so great for dogs, read on!

Dog-Friendly Stores and Restaurants In Austin, TX

Austin is home to many dog-friendly restaurants. You can find lots of these restaurants in The Domain, a massive outdoor shopping center in northern Austin. 

This location has over 100 stores and restaurants, most of which are more than happy to let your pup tag along. 

Most of the restaurants in The Domain and other locations allow dogs on the patio so you can eat with your dog by your side. Lots of them also have water bowls outside so your dog can stay hydrated while you eat with your friends.

They won’t tell if you share table scraps with your pup, either. When you’re done eating, you can shop around at the many stores in the area. 

Since The Domain is known to be dog friendly, some shops will let you bring your dog in with you (as long as they’re on their best behavior!).

Make sure you ask the employees if they allow dogs first before bringing them in. If they don’t, there may be tether spots outside with water bowls while you run in to get what you need.

Dog-Friendly Hotels In Austin, TX

If you’re just looking to visit Austin, don’t be afraid to bring your dog with you. 

Most of the hotels in Austin are dog friendly, so your pup gets to go for the ride with you. 

This can be a great opportunity to learn more about the area and explore it before deciding if you want to move there. 

Make sure you inquire with your hotel first about whether it welcomes pets just in case. 

Many of these hotels have designated dog potty spots and may even offer beds or treats to your dog while you stay, so be sure to ask about any dog-friendly amenities the hotel has to offer.

Dog-Friendly Airbnb’s In Austin, TX

If hotels aren’t your thing, you can try Airbnb or one of the city’s local campgrounds. 

Lots of Airbnbs in the area allow dogs and may offer amenities for your dog during your stay. 

Dog-Friendly Campgrounds In Austin, TX

Campgrounds and RV parks are the same – many may also have walking trails to exercise your dog on or streams for your dog to play in. 

Staying in a dog-friendly hotel or campground can be a great way to meet others with dogs and learn about pet-friendly opportunities in town. 

Dog Parks In Austin, TX

Looking for something to really excite your dog? Austin has a variety of pet-friendly community events that you can bring your dog to! 

One of the main places is Zilker Park. Zilker Park has 350 acres of land and is a popular spot for all of the top dogs in Austin. 

Zilker Park has many areas that are off-leash for your dog, so you can watch them run and play safely in their element. You just have to make note of which spots are off-leash and which ones are not. 

If your dog loves water, there’s a creek and shallow pool where your dog can splash and swim on those hot summer days. 

This is a great place to socialize your dog, whether they’re an adult or a new puppy. The park is often full of other dogs and families that are happy to meet your dog. 

Community Events for Dogs In Austin, TX

There are also other community events such as dog parades and pet expos that frequently happen throughout the year in Austin. 

You can find vendors of pet items at these events and can also meet other pet owners in the area. 

They also often give out treats to dogs and have fun activities for dogs such as:

  • Contests
  • Races
  • Agility courses
  • Ball pits
  • Kiddie pools

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take your pup to a fun event in the city. Everyone else is doing it too!


Finding fun things to do with your dog is easy in Austin. The next time you visit, make sure you bring your furry friend with you and go to some local pet-friendly restaurants or to the park. 

Your dog will thank you for such a fun time!