Austin is an iconic city known for its’ quirky residents, fantastic barbecue, and many live music venues. As the capital of Texas, it’s a popular destination for Texas natives and out- of -state visitors alike. When planning a trip it’s important to have a plan of transportation but is Austin a walkable city?

While Austin is more walkable than many large cities in America, it is not the best way to travel. Austin can be congested with traffic and certain areas may be unsafe to walk through. It is possible in some neighborhoods, but the best way to get around Austin is by renting a car or using Uber or Lyft.

Austin is the 29th most walkable city in America. While far from being the worst, it could use some improvement. Major spots, like the airport, could be as far away as 20 miles from your accommodations, so in those cases it would be best to ride share.

Most Walkable Neighborhoods In Austin, Texas

If you want to walk most of your trip, it’s important to know which areas are the best for you. 

Here are some neighborhoods in Austin, TX that are walking friendly:

  • Downtown:  Downtown Austin is flourishing with restaurants, homes, gyms, bars and lots of shops. It’s an area you could easily spend a full day exploring. 
  • East Central Austin: As one of the older neighborhoods, East Central Austin has a rich history and lots of bars and restaurants to enjoy.
  •  Holly District: The Holly District is right next to Lady Bird Lake, which is a popular spot for tourists to hike, swim and picnic. It’s also extremely close to downtown.
  • East Cesar Chavez:  This area is up and coming and is known for its mix of old and new architecture. It’s a great place to shop and eat.
  • South Congress: Named for its proximity to the State Legislature, South Congress features many locally owned shops and restaurants along with a fleet of food trucks.

This list will give you a great idea of places to visit on your next trip to Austin, Texas.

Popular Walkable Spots In Austin, Texas

We’ve highlighted some neighborhoods in general that you can walk around, but there are many specific tourist favorites that are great as well. 

The list includes the following:

  • Sixth Street:  We can’t talk about Austin without bringing up one of its most beloved and iconic streets. Sixth Street boasts some of the best live music and popular bars in America and is easily accessible. Locals and visitors alike flock to Sixth Street most nights. 
  • Speakeasy Bar and Restaurant: Speakeasy offers live music, vintage bowling, and cocktails, making it a favorite of many. It’s also downtown making it easy to walk to and from.
  •   SFC Farmers Market at Republic Square: The SFC Farmers Market has dozens of farmers and vendors who sell artisanal food, beauty products and gifts. It is set up in the middle of Republic Square.
  • Paramount Theatre: The Paramount Theatre is on Congress Avenue, a popular street to walk up and down. With more than 250 performances each year, there’s bound to be a show you’ll love.

This list will give you a great idea of where to find fun that you can walk to.

Ways to Get Around Austin, Texas Without a Car

While we’ve established that there are areas that are easily walked, what if you need to get somewhere that is not pedestrian friendly?

There are several transportation options for getting around Austin without renting a car. 

Take the Bus

Capital Metro is Austin’s public bus, which does have a reliable reputation. Rides are only $1.25, making it the most affordable option as well. 

Biking and Bike Share

Other options include biking and bike share.

Biking is popular in Austin and if you don’t have your own you can rent one. The Austin B-Cycle app allows you to rent a bike for a variety of times. 

A single ride costs only $2.00, 24 hour rental is $10.00 and a season pass (3 months) costs only $35.00. This is another extremely affordable option. 

Rent a Car

Another option is short term car rental  from places like car2go and zipcar. 

These places typically charge .40 cents to .50 per mile. 

Take an Uber Or Lyft

Uber and Lyft are also extremely available, though it can get expensive depending on where you are wanting to go and what time you are ordering the ride.


We hope this extensive guide to walking around Austin gives you some good information for your next trip. It’s truly a one of a kind city and has a seemingly endless list of restaurants, activities and shops. 

Although it’s not the most walkable city in America, it is still possible and hopefully we have given you some good ideas for your vacation.