Dallas, Texas, is one of the fastest-growing metropolitans in the country! If you already live there or are thinking of making a move, it’s important to understand that there are a ton of fantastic aspects of life in Dallas. But you will also need to know: Is Dallas a dog-friendly city? 

Dallas is a dog-friendly city. With an increasing number of dog parks, dog-friendly apartments, boarding locations, and even some restaurants and stores that allow dogs, Dallas is quickly moving up as one of the more dog-friendly cities in the USA. 

Why Is Dallas a Dog-Friendly City?

Dallas wasn’t always a very dog-friendly city. However, over the past few years, it has slowly changed into a much more convenient place to have a furry friend. 

Realistically, Dallas has 5 fantastic features that make it so dog-friendly:

  • Dog Parks: There are tons of fun and conveniently located dog parks throughout the neighborhoods of Dallas. It’s important to note that not all these parks are called “dog parks,” but many do allow dogs on and off-leash. 
  • Walking Trails: All around Dallas, there are amazing walking trails so that your pup can enjoy a long jaunt in nature. 
  • Boarding Locations: Because the dog population in Dallas is growing, so are the options for boarding and care. That means that if you travel for work or pleasure and want to make sure your dog is looked after, you will be good to go. 
  • Dog-Friendly Apartments: Finding an apartment in Dallas that accepts dogs is getting easier by the day. Although some landlords still have certain breed requirements or weight maximum, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to find a great place to live with your dog. 
  • Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Stores: Farmer’s markets, microbreweries, restaurants, and even some stores are now opening their doors to furry friends as well as humans! 

The great news is that as Dallas’ human population and, therefore, dog population grows, we can only expect to find even more dog-friendly businesses, parks, and apartments throughout the city. 

And in addition to the many great aspects of life in Dallas with a dog, there are also several specific activities that you can enjoy. 

Dog-Friendly Activities in Dallas

Because more and more residents of Dallas own dogs (24% of homes have at least one dog), there are tons of fun dog-friendly activities throughout the city. It might even be a good way to make friends!

So when planning your weekend out with your dog, here are a few spots you should definitely check out: 

And those aren’t even all of them! The bottom line is that there are tons of fun things to do with your dog in Dallas. 

And luckily, almost every business states clearly online whether or not they allow dogs inside, so you can plan ahead. 

Things to Know When Owning a Dog in Dallas

Now, there are a few questions about living in Dallas with a dog that you should know the answer to:

  • Do I need to muzzle my dog? While you are not required to muzzle your dog in Dallas, you should do so if your dog expresses aggressive behavior. Not only to keep other dogs and people safe, but also because it is illegal to allow an unsecured dog to attack another animal or human in Dallas. 
  • Can I have a pitbull in Dallas? You can have a pitbull in Dallas as the city has no specific breed restrictions; however, some apartment complexes refuse pitbulls. 
  • Can dogs go off-leash in Dallas? No, unless you and your dog are in an off-leash dog park, you cannot let your dog off its leash in Dallas.

Finally, it’s essential to understand that your dog absolutely must be registered and vaccinated to live with you in Dallas, Texas. 

Best Neighborhoods for Dogs in Dallas

Dallas is one of the biggest cities in the country when it comes to square mileage. And while there are dozens of neighborhoods within the city limits, it’s important to understand that some neighborhoods are more dog friendly than others. 

  • Uptown: As one of the most popular neighborhoods in Dallas, Uptown is a great spot for humans and dogs too! With Katy Trails close by to walk and run around in nature and Mutts Cantina to enjoy a beer with your pup, there are tons of things to do. 
  • Downtown: Downtown is the most energized area in Dallas, and it also has several parks and dog parks for you and your dog to enjoy. 
  • Oak Lawn: Located in the heart of the city, Oak Lawn not only has dog-friendly restaurants and parks but also many of the apartments offer patios and outdoor spaces. 
  • Plano: As a suburb of Dallas, Plano was actually ranked #15 of the best places to live with a dog! Jack Carter Dog Park is just one of many areas to take your pup throughout the neighborhood, and it spans an amazing 2 acres!

Now you know not only that Dallas absolutely is a dog-friendly city, but also why it’s such a great city for a dog owner, as well as the specific activities you should check out and even which neighborhoods are best for those of us with a furry sidekick.