Certain areas in Dallas, Texas are fairly safe, even if you walk around after dark. However, as with any large city, some areas are best to stay away from. For example, many people new to Dallas wonder, “is West End Dallas safe to walk around at night?” 

Generally, walking around West End Dallas at night is not considered safe. The area has a higher crime rate than the rest of the city, so it’s best to only stay in the area during the day and remain vigilant as you do. 

Below, we will discuss more information on West End Dallas and how you can get around safely at night. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

Is West End Dallas Safe to Walk in at Night? 

Statistically speaking, West End Dallas may not be the safest place at night. This is especially true if you are walking through the area. 

Dallas has a relatively high crime rate compared to other cities of the same size and population. According to current numbers, you have approximately a 4.5% chance of falling victim to a crime in this city.

These numbers mean you have a 1/22 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Dallas. However, crime rates in the West End neighborhood of Dallas are 15% higher than in the rest of the city and 36% higher in violent crimes. 

Crime in Dallas is on the decrease, due to a new plan involving hot spot policing and urban blight and disorder reduction. As a result, both nonviolent and violent crimes combined have dropped a total of 46%.

There is a large population of homeless people in West End Dallas. For the most part, they are harmless. However, it can make certain areas unsafe at night, as some people can be pushy and aggressive. 

The History of West End Dallas

In the early 1970s, development hit the downtown Dallas area. This includes West End

This modern development resulted in many of the older, historic buildings being demolished. However, a developer named Preston Carter Jr. transformed old warehouses and brick buildings into restaurants and shops to preserve the area’s history. 

This resulted in many historic buildings being saved and repurposed for business uses. This brought new businesses and opportunities, such as historic loans and changes to funding from Fannie Mae. 

Some historic buildings were preserved, including a log cabin named the John Neely Bryan Cabin. This is just one of the many attractions you can visit in West End Dallas. 

While West End Dallas is simultaneously a historic and modern area, it’s best to walk the streets only during the day. Even though there are many businesses and historic sites in the area, it’s not the safest at night. 

What Attractions Are There in West End Dallas?

Although it’s not the best idea to walk around West End Dallas at night, there are many attractions you can enjoy during the day. These attractions bring the warmth and history of the city to light. 

Some of the attractions you’ll find in West End Dallas include:

  • Experience Dallas
  • Wild Bill’s Western Store
  • Museum of Illusions Dallas
  • John Neely Bryan Cabin
  • Old Red Museum

Below, we’ll discuss more information on all of these great attractions.

Experience Dallas

Experience Dallas is a tour of major attractions in West End Dallas. You’ll get to see the Reunion Tower, one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, and Sundance Square, an area full of shops, restaurants, and theaters.

The Sixth Floor Museum is another attraction included in an Experience Dallas tour, chronicling the assassination and legacy of President Kennedy. 

Wild Bill’s Western Store

Wild Bill’s Western Store has been a beacon in Dallas for 50 years. You’ll find authentic Texas wear to immerse you in the local culture here. This Texas legend offers all your favorite Texas clothing brands under one roof. 

Museum of Illusions Dallas

The Museum of Illusions claims to “fuse fun and entertainment with education and learning.” With a dizzying display of optical illusions, this is a great attraction to consider on your next family vacation to Dallas. 

John Neely Bryan Cabin

John Neely Bryan was a farmer and lawyer who founded Dallas, Texas. One of the area’s original log cabins, dating back to 1850, the John Neely Bryan Cabin is a testament to the Texas logging industry.

Old Red Museum

The Old Red Museum celebrates the cultural and social history, as well as the economic history, of Dallas. The museum is housed in the stunning Old Red Courthouse, an 1890 red sandstone. 

Tips for Staying Safe in West End Dallas

If there’s a particular attraction in West End Dallas that you just cannot miss during your stay, you’ll need to be proactive to stay safe. Consider some of the tips below to stay safe during your trip to the West End:

  • Always walk in well-lit areas, avoiding dark alleys and roadways. 
  • Stick to main thoroughfares and avoid shortcuts, as these can lead you through unfamiliar areas.
  • Stay aware of what is going on around you. Wearing headphones that drown out what could be warning sounds is never a good idea. 
  • Ensure your cell phone is always charged. You never know when you may need help. 
  • Fill your car with gas before heading to West End, especially if your commute will lead you through an unsafe area. 
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry. Doing so can be a beacon to a thief or mugger.
  • If you must get out of your car, ensure all valuables are tucked out of sight. This reduces the chances of your car being broken into.
  • Take an Uber or taxi if you usually walk and need to go out at night. 

With these tips in mind, you have a better chance of remaining safe in West End Dallas, even at night.

In Conclusion

West End Dallas does have rougher areas that may not be the safest after dark. However, you can certainly enjoy it in the daytime. If you need to go out in West End Dallas at night, remember your street smarts and always stay aware of your surroundings.

Stick to well-lit roadways, whether walking or stopping for gas. Keeping your gas tank full and your cell phone charged are both very important. Follow these tips, and you will increase your chances of staying safe.