West End Dallas, most famous for its commemorative displays for JFK, is a fun and lively place to visit. West End has some of the best nightlife, but sometimes it can be hard to determine if walking alone at night in West End Dallas would be safe. Is West End Safe to walk around? 

During the day, West End Dallas is safe to walk around if you are cautious and aware of your surroundings. At night, I suggest erring on the side of caution. Try to stick to busier, well-lit streets and keep off of side roads. If you must go somewhere, take a friend, catch a taxi or rideshare. 

There are a ton of amazing things about West End Dallas. There are historical landmarks and excellent food around every corner.

Is West End Dallas Safe? 

Looking at the crime rates in a city can help you determine if it is safe. So, is West End Dallas safe?

The crime rates in west end Dallas are a little higher than the national average. However, you should not wholly eliminate west end Dallas for the crime rate alone. There are still some fantastic perks to living in west end Dallas.

Is West End Dallas Walkable?

Before you can determine if West End Dallas is safe to walk around, you need to know if you can even get around walking.

West End Dallas has a fantastic walkability score, and most outings would not require a car, especially during the day. 

West End Dallas is also located on a rail system that can aid your transportation situation while visiting Dallas. If you would like more information on the rail system and schedule, please check out DART.org.

Taxis and Transportation Resources for West End Dallas

There are several different options for transportation in West End Dallas.

There are also several 24/7 taxi services if you need a ride that is not on a bus or rail line:

Now, let’s see the top 3 places to stay while in West End Dallas to ensure you stay in a safe place.

Top 3 Places to Consider Staying At While In West End Dallas

Another question you may ask yourself if you are worried about walking distance is where to stay if you need to be close to the west end of Dallas. 

I have found a couple of options at a few different price points to help you narrow your search a little bit:

  • SOVA Micro-Room & Social Hotel Price per night only $82.00. For what you are getting, this is an absolute steal, the rooms are nice and clean, and this is a good option if you are traveling alone or with a partner. 
  • Hyatt Place Dallas/Arlington The price per night is about $111.00. Located very close to Epic Waters indoor water park, the rooms are clean, and the rating for this hotel is above four stars. The Hyatt is a fantastic option if you stay with family or have children. 
  • Fairmont Dallas If you are looking for Luxury on a budget Fairmont Dallas is a fantastic option. With its rooftop pool and beautiful rooms with high rise views of downtown Dallas.

Now, let’s see some options for food.

Nightlife and Food In West End Dallas

Regardless of your main reason for visiting West End Dallas, there are several excellent places to get food and hang out during your downtime.

Some include:

These places are great for meeting up with family and friends and having a drink, or Ellens is something a little more family friendly if you have children with you.

Popular Places to Visit In West End Dallas

While in town, you might have time to peek at some tourist attractions. I would highly suggest checking out the John F Kennedy Memorial Plaza. The plaza near the 6th-floor museum is near where JFK was assassinated. If you are interested in history, this may be a good stop on your way. 

Some other tourist destinations you should also consider stopping by include:

  • The Old Red Museum of Dallas Country History
  • The Museum of Illusion
  • West End Square 

Now you hopefully know what the safety and walkability of West End Dallas is, and have some good ideas for places to go when you stay.


In conclusion, you should be more than safe to walk around in West End Dallas during the day. Again if you are worried about walking around at night by yourself, get a cab or use alternate modes of transportation. Hopefully, you enjoy your time in West End Dallas, which has helped get you around.