Dallas and Fort Worth are part of the same expansive metropolitan area in North Central Texas. These two cities form the state’s largest cultural and entertainment hub. Both of them offer various advantages to those seeking to move there.

If budget is your main priority, you should move to Fort Worth. If your main focus is atmosphere and big city life, you should move to Dallas. However, both cities are fairly similar. Whether you move to one or the other will depend on your circumstances and what you want to get from your experience.

If you are wondering whether to live in Dallas or Fort Worth, read on below to find out more about these cities.

Where Should I Move: Dallas vs. Fort Worth

Dallas is a modern Texan city with many cultural and commercial opportunities. Fort Worth achieved popularity in the late 19th century as a trading post and has a more historical atmosphere. Both these cities offer great artistic and entertainment options, as well as diverse neighborhoods.

While they share similarities, the cities are different from each other. Fort Worth has a more casual and authentic Texan atmosphere, while Dallas brings the modern urban style and the cosmopolitan approach.

Moving to one of these cities will not disconnect you from the other and will be affected by your personality, your family life, and the opportunities you seek.

Why Move to Dallas?

Dallas is a popular destination and a large, vibrant city. It has an amazing arts scene and a dynamic rhythm that is in constant motion. There is no shortage of entertainment or cultural options, and it is a very busy location. Let’s take a look at the main reasons to move to Dallas.

It Has a Great Downtown

Downtown Dallas is full of life and opportunities. Some of the best eateries and shops in Texas will be found here, as well as some of the best nightlife. Foodies will be treated well by the diverse cuisine and the amazing taco trucks.

There are also numerous trendy bars, and Dallas’ downtown skyline is an impressive sight for locals and visitors alike. Those staying in Dallas won’t be bored with the many opportunities they will find in this city’s downtown area.

It’s Great for Young Professionals

Dallas is an ideal city for young professionals and those who’ve yet to start a family. The city has much entertainment to discover, as well as plentiful business opportunities in various sectors, especially in technology and financial services.

Young professionals moving to Dallas will be able to establish themselves in their careers while enjoying the many social and unwinding opportunities that this city also offers. Dallas can be the better choice if you are a young person seeking a breakthrough in their career.

It’s More Diverse

While covering a bigger area and attracting more people with its business and entertainment opportunities, Dallas has a more diverse population. It welcomes people from all around the country and the world, and has been shaped by cultural exchange.

The diversity in the city is responsible for the huge variety and success of Dallas’ food and arts scene. It is a melting pot and benefits from it, thanks to the accumulation of different lifestyles, religions, and cultures in the same space, sharing input and experiences.

Why Move to Fort Worth?

Fort Worth is full of rustic, authentic charm. It has beautiful historic homes with incredible views and sprawling verdant parks. It has a more laid-back approach to living and doesn’t follow Dallas’ frenetic rhythm. This makes it great for young people and for those seeking to start a family.

It Has Less Traffic

Fort Worth is a far more relaxed location than Dallas in many aspects. This is most evident in the vast difference in traffic congestion. While Dallas is known for its significant daily traffic jams, the same cannot be said for Fort Worth.

The latter city features many more walkable areas and better pedestrian access. This reduces the need for constant traffic flow and keeps the frustration of heavy traffic at bay, allowing those living there to unwind even on busy days.

It’s Cheaper

Despite the small distance between Fort Worth and Dallas, there is a difference when it comes to living costs. Fort Worth is the cheaper of the two in general, from rent prices to grocery shopping and money spent on going out.

This allows those living in Fort Worth to make the most out of their money while even granting them the opportunity to put some aside. If you are looking for cheaper living, Fort Worth is the answer.

It Feels More Like a Community

Fort Worth is not a small city, but it has a tight-knit community atmosphere. This allows people to interact differently with each other, with much more warmth than in more urban settings like Dallas.

This cozy location is also full of smaller and more personal shops, cafés, and general businesses, focusing more on the independent than the commercial.


Moving to Dallas or Fort Worth is a big decision, but choosing one over the other still keeps you in close proximity to both. They both offer perks and drawbacks, depending on your job, your lifestyle, your family, and your personality.