Since Dallas is an ever-growing city, it frequently has new potential residents flocking to it looking to either settle their families or explore job opportunities. Many visitors and new residents may be concerned about which neighborhoods are dangerous and which are safe.

Fortunately, we have compiled two lists—some of Dallas’ most dangerous neighborhoods and some of its safest, so you know what to expect while looking for a new home.

Dangerous Neighborhoods in Dallas

Before we get started, the national total crime average from 2019 is 2,489 per 100,000 people. This can be broken down into violent crimes, 379 per 100,000, and property crimes, which are 2,110 per 100,000. This is to give you a frame of reference as you continue reading.

South Boulevard – Park Row

South Boulevard – Park Row is a historic district built by Dallas’ Jewish community in the early 20th century. It has a total crime rate of 284% higher than the national average, with an average property crime rate of 195% above the national average. However, that is not the most alarming part of their crime data—their violent crime rate is 777% higher than the national average.

Cedar Crest

Cedar Crest is a cultural hotspot of Latino and African-American culture and home to Dallas Zoo. The neighborhood has violent and property crime rates of 364% and 71% higher than the national average, respectively. This results in a total crime rate average of 116% above the national average.

South Dallas

South Dallas features major attractions like Fair Park, the Cotton Bowl Stadium, the African American Museum, and the Children’s Aquarium. Unfortunately, South Dallas has violent crime and property crime rates of 363% above and 125% above the national average, contributing to the total crime rate of 161% above the national average.

Convention Center District

Home to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center of Dallas, the Convention Center District has a total crime rate average of 338% above the national average. In addition, the violent crimes rate is 329% above average, and the property crime rate is 339% above average.

Cockrell Hill

Cockrell Hill is technically a city within a city, as Dallas completely surrounds it. Cockrell Hill’s violent crime rate is 236% above average and a property crime rate of 133% above average, resulting in a total crime rate of 149% above average.

Northwest Dallas

Asian markets, restaurants, and entertainment are prominent in Northwest Dallas. Northwest Dallas’ total crime rate is 147% above the national average due to its respective violent and property crimes rates of 235% and 132% above the national average.

Wolf Creek

Only ten minutes from downtown Dallas, Wolf Creek’s violent crime rate is 231% above average. However, its property crime rate is only 72% above average, leaving its total rate of 96% above the national average.

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While Dallas neighborhoods may be presenting some scary figures, keep reading to find out what safe neighborhoods Dallas also offers.

Safe Neighborhoods in Dallas

The benefit to Dallas being such an expansive city is that it offers many Urban-Suburban blended neighborhoods, so you can enjoy the benefits of the city while feeling secure at home.

The 7 safest neighborhoods in Dallas are:

Calculated annually per 100,000 residents

 AssaultRobberyBurglaryTheftMotor Vehicle Theft
National Average282.7135.5500.12,042.8284
Preston HighlandsN/A200.1333.51222.8200.1
Campbell Green20.6N/A577432.7164.8
Greenland Hills121109351944406
Lakeview HeightsN/AN/A213.6701.930
Wilshire HeightsN/A2642641426105.7
Highlands of McKamy69.9149.9349659109.9

Preston Highlands

Located in Far North Dallas, Preston Highlands is a small, quiet neighborhood. It is family-focused and features two school districts. This is an ideal location for those wanting to be close to the benefits of the big city, without worrying about the crime rate.

Campbell Green

Also located in Far North Dallas, Campbell Green is close to popular chain stores and restaurants. Another fun bonus is Campbell Green Park, which features a recreation center to keep kids active year-round.


Less than a half-hour drive from the University of Texas at Dallas, Prestonwood is another Far North Dallas neighborhood. This one is particularly high-end, featuring multiple country clubs and well-rated high schools.

Greenland Hills

Greenland Hills is located in East Dallas and is nearby White Rock Lake Park, The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, and the Tenison Park Golf Course.

Lakeview Heights

Also located in East Dallas, Lakeview Heights is a quiet neighborhood near the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard. It features all the family necessities, including a high school, a hospital, and a large golf course.

Wilshire Heights

Wilshire Heights is located on the edge of Northeast and East Dallas. It is close to the George W. Bush Presidential Center and White Rock Lake Park.

Highlands of McKamy

In East Dallas, most residents of the Highlands of McKamy enjoy an urban feel, as the neighborhood offers many restaurants, cafes, and parks.


Dallas is a large, heavily-populated city and has some of the crime statistics to show for it. While you may want to only visit certain dangerous neighborhoods during the day, other neighborhoods are more than welcoming to settle in long-term.

Its multitude of safe neighborhoods provides many options for newly established individuals and families alike, making it an excellent place to settle in for any period.