Calculating the cost of building a home in Fort Worth, TX, can be confusing, especially if it is your first time creating a house from the ground up. A general method builders use in estimating the overall price of constructing a home is by calculating its cost per square foot.

The average cost per square foot of building a home in Fort Worth, Texas, is around $150-$400. The price per square foot will always differ from one builder to another and can be influenced by the costs of the building plan, location, soil type, construction materials, finishings, and customization.

In this article, we will do a breakdown of all the costs involved in building a new home in Fort Worth by square footage.

Determining the Costs of Building a Home

Several variables go into constructing a home in Fort Worth. The table below should give you a rough estimate of the cost per square foot of these variables when building your home. (Note: The figures below are subject to change, depending on the builder.)

ItemCost Per Square FootTotal Cost for an 1800 sqft HomeTotal Cost for a 2500 sqft HomeTotal Cost for a 4800 sqft Home
Foundation and Slabs$5.77$10,000$14,425$27,696
Flatwork (Drive & Walkways)$3$5,400$7,500$14,400
Brick Hearth & Veneer$7.65$13,770$19,125$36,720
Rough Hardware$0.90$1,620$2,250$4,320
Finish Hardware$0.45$810$1,125$2160
Rough Lumber$10.20$18,360$25,500$48,960
Finish Lumber$0.84$1,512$2,100$4,032
Rough Carpentry Labor$16$28,800$40,000$76,800
Finish Carpentry Labor$3$5,400$7,500$14,400
Insulation (R19 Ceiling)$2.36$4,248$5,900$11,328
Plumbing and Sewage Connection$13.50$24,300$33,750$64,800
Shower & Tub Enclosure$0.83$1,494$2,075$3,984
Heating and Ducting$6.32$11,376$15,800$30,336
Gypsum Wallboard$1.50$2,700$3,750$7,200
Resilient Flooring$3.78$6,804$9,450$18,144
Exterior Stucco$6.79$12,222$16,975$32,592
Aluminum Windows & Sliding Doors$4.50$8,100$11,250$21,600
Lighting Fixtures$2.83$5,094$7,075$13,584
Plans and Specifications$3$5,400$7,500$14,400
Doors & Trim$3.45$6,210$8,625$16,560
Total Cost $218,314$303,250$582,400
(Source: HomeAdvisor)

Going by our above calculations, it should cost you around $218,314 to build an 1800 square foot home, $303,250 to build a 2500 square foot home, and $582,400 to construct a 4800 square foot home.

These figures exclude the cost of land, builder costs, and permits. It is highly recommended that you speak to an experienced local builder for the cost of these and other variables, as well as their standard rates.

For a more detailed breakdown of how we calculated these costs, check out our article, Cost of Building a Home in Fort Worth, TX: Comparisons.

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Factors Affecting the Cost Per Square Foot to Build a Home

Three major factors affect the cost of building a home. These factors may either increase or decrease the overall cost per square footage.

The Actual Square Footage

The size of your home or the areas being constructed can influence the cost you will be charged by your builder per square foot. While the size of the home may affect the overall cost of building, the bigger the home, the lesser the cost per square foot.

The reason for the above is that the most expensive parts or items of the home, like the bathroom, kitchen, and appliances, are spread out over more square footage. In other words, a 2500 square foot home will have more open footage than an 1800 square foot home.


Home construction with a simple building design will cost less than those with more walls, high vaulted ceilings, or expensive flooring.

It will cost your builder more time to build a home with a complicated floor plan. They will need more time to lay the walls, roof-lines, and other fixtures. If you are adding custom fixtures to your home, this will most likely increase the cost per square foot of your home. 

Builder Selection

The cost will also vary based on the contractor you choose. Every builder has a specific method they use in calculating the price per square foot to build a home.

Also, they have their own specific building timeline, material vendors, upfront cost, and life-cycle cost. The cost of hiring a building company based in southwest Fort Worth will be different than hiring one in northwest Fort Worth.

Final Thoughts

For most individuals, estimating the costs of building a home based on square footage can be more complex than the usual method of finding the actual cost. This is because there are too many variables involved when using square footage as the basis of your calculation.

Before embarking on a building project in Fort Worth, consult a professional builder to get a rough ballpark estimate. Most builders offer free estimates, which should give you a better idea of the actual costs and what to include or exclude in your plans.