If you are interested in moving to Dallas, you should understand that while the city has some fantastic schools, there are certain areas that provide far better public schools than others. In this article, we are going to find out which area of Dallas has the best schools to help you decide where in Dallas is best for your family. 

The Highland Park district of Dallas, Texas, is known for having the best schools in the city. As a suburb of the city center, Highland Park hosts the 3 best high schools in the state and has fantastic public and private schools for its nearly 10,000 residents. 

If you want to find out which schools in Dallas are known to be the best, as well as the number one school in the city, and even how these schools compare to the rest of Texas and the country as a whole, then keep reading! 

What Area of Dallas Has the Best Schools?

As you now know, Highland Park is the area in Dallas, Texas, with the best schools. But you may want to know a little more about why this suburb received the top spot in the city. 

While there are over 300 high schools in the city of Dallas, Highland Park public high school ranks number one in the city in every statistical category. 

CategoryAcademic PerformanceSTAAR ScoreAPSATACT
Highland Park High School78.096%72.1%59.7%78.2%
Texas AverageN/A98%22.7%59%23%

As you can see, Highland Park High sits well above the state averages, and the public high school isn’t the only fantastic school in the suburb! 

The school district itself is quite impressive. With over 7,000 students throughout primary, elementary, and high school, over 97% of Highland Park graduates will attend college.

The school also boasts that 63% of their teachers have at least a master’s degree in their field. 

Overall, if you are looking for a neighborhood in Dallas, Texas to send your kids to school, Highland Park is certainly the best option in the city. 

What Is the Number 1 School In Dallas?

Now, even though as a whole, Highland Park has the best academic averages and is known as the best suburb for schools in the city, you should also know which institutions are ranked the best in each category. 

  • #1 Elementary School: William B Travis Vanguard Acad of Academically Tag
  • #1 Charter High School: Uplift North Hills Preparatory High School
  • #1 Private School: St. Mark’s School of Texas

Each of these schools has incredible statistics and provide a fantastic learning opportunity for all students who attend. 

And while Dallas undoubtedly has quite a few great schools, you may want to know how they compare to Texas as a whole and the rest of the country.

How Do Dallas Schools Compare to the State of Texas?

In general, the state of Texas is considered to have average education compared to the entire country. 

And according to the statistics, Dallas definitely has some of the best schools in the state. 

In fact, compared to the metropolitan city of Houston (another area of Texas with considerably good schools,) Dallas spends 7.2% more every year on their students. And on average, Dallas has smaller class sizes, and a similar rate of students attending higher education. 

However, although you can find decent schools in Texas, the three best high schools in the state are all in the Dallas area. 

How do Dallas Schools Compare to the Other American Cities?

As a whole, Texas ranks #34 in education throughout the United States. And while that means that the state is not even in the top half of the 50 states, Dallas’ education system does quite a bit better than the state average and even than most major cities around the country.  

CategoryMoney Spent Per StudentPupil to TeacherHigh School Graduates4-Year Degree
Los Angeles$12,80723.676.4%33.0%
New York$25,2573.581.1%36.7%
United States$12,38316.887.3%30.9%

As you can see, if you want to live in a safe city with your family where your kids can get a great education, Dallas is one of the best! 

The Bottom Line

So, what area of Dallas has the best schools? Without a doubt, the suburb of Highland Park in Dallas, Texas, not only has the best schools in the city, but even throughout the state! 

With three of the best high schools in the state found in Highland Park, as well as several highly rated elementary and charter schools, it is a great place for education.