You’ve probably heard that Austin keeps it weird, Fort Worth has rodeos, and San Antonio remembers the Alamo. Every Texas city has its “thing,” so what is Garland known for?

Garland, Texas is known for its proximity to Dallas and being a hub for manufacturing, affordable housing, and a variety of recreation and entertainment. 

Garland is a diverse city and has something to offer almost everyone. Continue reading to discover what Garland offers and decide for yourself what makes it great.

What is Garland, Texas Known For?

Garland is located in the northeast DFW metroplex, combining city and suburbs elements. Garland is known for its…

  • Affordability
  • Location
  • Manufacturing
  • Recreation
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Shopping

People moving to the DFW metroplex are drawn to Garland because it is close to Dallas and has big-city amenities but offers more affordable housing options than other Dallas suburbs.

Garland is home to more than 300 manufacturers, making it one of the biggest manufacturing cities in Texas and a good place to find work in the manufacturing industry. 

Garland is also a great place to go if you’re looking for something fun. Garland has a waterpark, helicopter rides over DFW, movie theaters, bowling alleys, breweries, and more.

It’s hard to narrow Garland, Texas, down to just one thing it’s famous for when it has so many different things to offer. Keep following along to learn more about what Garland is all about. 

Is Garland, Texas a Good Place to Live?

Whether you’re new to DFW or just curious about the area, you might wonder what it’s like to live in Garland. Some factors to consider include:

  • Cost of living
  • Crime
  • Schools
  • Culture

Garland is a popular city for new homeowners and young families in DFW because it is nearby Dallas but has a lower cost of living. 

Garland has lower rates of assault, robbery, and burglary, but higher rates of car theft and murder, than the national average in the U.S. Most Garland residents are unaffected by crime.

Garland is also home to an above-average school district for the state of Texas and has recreation and resources for residents from any walk of life. 

What Kind of City is Garland?

Garland is a suburb of Dallas located on the northeastern edge of the DFW metroplex. 

Despite being a suburb of another city, Garland is the 12th most populous city in Texas as of 2010. That means that Garland definitely feels more urban than rural. 

Garland is intersected by multiple freeways, making it easy for residents to travel around the DFW away, an area dominated by cars; however, Garland also has access to the DART train.

Garland is a big destination for shopping and recreation. The Firewheel Town Center is an open-air mall in Garland that attracts customers from all over the DFW metroplex. 

Aside from recreation, Garland is a manufacturing city, attracting businesses like Kraft Heinz, which you might know for their macaroni and cheese, and Valspar Sherwin-Williams paint.

What are the Demographics of Garland?

Garland, Texas is also known for its diversity. According to the U.S. Census, Garland’s racial makeup is illustrated in the table below. 

Race and Hispanic heritagePercent of Garland’s population
Hispanic or Latino44.3%
White (not Hispanic or Latino)27.3%
Black or African American14.2%
Two or more races9.3%

There are other demographics to look at in Garland as well. For example, 12.1% of Garland residents live in poverty, and 77.1% of residents over 25 years old have a high school diploma.

For comparison, 11.6% of U.S. residents live in poverty, and about 90% of U.S. residents over 25 have a high school diploma or higher, putting Garland a bit behind the curve. 

The median household income in Garland is $63,192, while the median household income for the entire U.S. is $70,784. 

When you break these statistics down, you’ll see that Garland is racially diverse and a bit below the national median in terms of education and income. 

What Famous People are From Garland?

Garland is the birthplace of a few notable actors, musicians, and athletes, including:

  • Mitchel Musso, TV actor (known for Hannah Montana)
  • Caleb Landry Jones, actor (known for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)
  • Crystal Bernard, actress (known for Wings)
  • Chris August, musician (rock singer)
  • Hakeem Adeniji, athlete (Cincinnati Bengals)

These are just a few of the most notable names; there are great people from Garland all around.


Garland is known for being a more affordable alternative to Dallas, with all the shopping, food, and excitement of the city without the extra costs.