When most people think about Nashville, it is often focused on the country music industry that is alive and booming in the city. With more and more people moving into the city, you may be wondering where the safest places are to live.

The safest part of Nashville consists of several neighborhoods that have a lower crime rate than others. Areas like Poplar Creek Estates, Belle Meade, and Germantown are a few of many safe neighborhoods in Nashville.

If you are planning to move to the Nashville area, you may want to consider where you should look for housing based on how safe it is. Keep reading to learn more about what makes a neighborhood safe and what the safest neighborhoods in Nashville are.

What Makes These Nashville Neighborhoods Safe?

When it comes to safety, most people know that this means that there are fewer crime incidents than there are in many other areas. It is important to note that even though some neighborhoods are considered safe, it does not mean that crime is completely absent.

Certain criteria are used to determine whether or not an area of a city is considered a safe place to live. The Metro Nashville Police Department uses various resources such as the FBI and Crime Mapping to track crime throughout the city.

For the most part, the types of crime possible are divided into two categories which include violent crimes and property crimes. Both are considered when determining what makes a neighborhood safe or not.

More on the Safest Parts of Nashville to Live

Even though more and more people are moving into the city, and the fact that crime has increased overall recently, there are still safe parts of Nashville to live in. This is a common occurrence in larger metropolitan areas where people are moving in and out.

The safest parts of Nashville to live in include:

  • Poplar Creek Estates
  • Germantown
  • West Meade Park
  • Belle Meade
  • Edmondson-Cloverland

Read on below to learn about the safest neighborhoods in Nashville.

Poplar Creek Estates

This area of Nashville is host to about 1,000 residents in the southwest corner of the city, which is surrounded by nature in many ways. This neighborhood is nestled close to Percy and Edwin Warner Park, which is a more than 3,000-acre area with trails and rivers that all nature lovers can enjoy, so pack your hiking boots and mountain bike!

As of 2020, the crime rate for this area hovered around 95% lower than the overall city of Nashville. This includes property crimes that are less than 300 and violence less than 40 per 100 thousand people.


Nestled amid the city of Nashville, Germantown is considered one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. Home to many young adults who enjoy the beauty of the various tree species and the youth vibe with apartments, condos, and townhouses galore, it has something for everyone.

The crime rate for the historic Germantown neighborhood is about 79% less than the city overall for many reasons. Although crime is low, the price to live in the area can get a bit steep whether you purchase a home or rent a place.

West Meade Park

Located in the southwest area of Nashville, West Meade Park is a small neighborhood of fewer than 500 residents. You will not find many businesses in this area, as it is mostly residential except for an elementary school.

Although the prices to live in this exclusive area are high, the crime rate hovers pretty low compared to the city itself. With violent crimes being less than 500 and property crimes slightly more at about 1,000, West Meade Park is considered one of the safest areas in Nashville.

Belle Meade

This neighborhood is considered one of the more affluent neighborhoods in and around Nashville, with its luxury homes and around 3,000 residents. Considered a historic and plantation-type environment, Belle Meade is one of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville.

Belle Meade is said to have one of the lowest crime rates in the Nashville area, with less than 30 reported violent crimes and fewer than 300 property-related crimes. This area functions independently from its police force, which may play a part in the safety issue.


This mostly residential area that is home to about 2,500 residents sits about fifteen miles outside of the city of Nashville. This is an area that is considered family-friendly, with most of the homes in the area being single-family homes.

Research shows that this area is considered the second safest area in the Nashville metropolitan area. In 2020, it was reported to have less than 50 violent crimes and fewer than 300 property-related crimes.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that if you are thinking about moving to Nashville and are looking for an area to live in that has the least amount of crime, and you may want to consider one of these areas. This is because these neighborhoods have been well-researched and vetted for their safety percentages.

With Belle Meade and Edmonson-Cloverland being the safest areas in the Nashville metro area, many people flock to these areas. However, if you look carefully, you will find some hidden treasures of your own in the Nashville area that is low in the crime department.