Austin, Texas is a beautiful and culturally rich city. It’s the 11th most populous state in the United States, according to the 2021 census. But, which part of Austin should you live in?

This guide compares some of the most popular Austin neighborhoods through factors that are important to living comfortably. Keep reading to learn about the various neighborhoods in Austin.


Allandale is located in the northern part of Austin, close to the city center. Allandale is a safe district. There are more property crimes than the national average.

The cost of living in Allandale is average for Austin, though the city as a whole has a higher cost of living than the national average. 

Allandale is a suburban neighborhood. The schools are highly-rated, making it a good neighborhood for families. This district features beautiful nature and parks.

Barton Hills

Barton Hills, located in southern Austin, is another safe neighborhood, although there are more property crimes than average.

It is a family-friendly neighborhood and a good neighborhood for business and commerce. There are a lot of growing businesses in this area.

The neighborhood also features a lot of natural beauty, making it a popular spot for outdoor activities. Finally, it’s a great district for the music and night-life scene.


Cherrywood is a district in the center of Austin. It is a popular district for business professionals. Residents of Cherrywood are more likely than average to have at least one advanced degree.

There are many unique local restaurants in Cherrywood. Culturally, there is a lot to discover here.

Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Austin. Housing and rent costs are higher here than in other neighborhoods. 

The schools are highly rated, making it a great area for families. Downtown Austin is the main business hub of the city, so it offers excellent opportunities for career growth.

There are many night-life options in Downtown Austin and it is a popular location for live music. There are many local shops and restaurants to try.

This district has a fairly high crime rate. The rates for violent crimes and property crimes are much higher than the national average, so keep that in mind if you’re considering Downtown Austin.

East Austin

East Austin is comparatively one of the less expensive districts on this list. There are many local shops owned by unique people. It’s a diverse area with an exciting night-life scene.

East Austin is a good neighborhood for families or single residents. It is a fairly safe area.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, located in central Austin, has a lot of interesting history to explore and discover. There are several museums to visit. 

It is a safe area. It is family-friendly and, according to some online reviews, a dog-friendly neighborhood as well. 


Mueller lies in eastern Austin, though it is close to downtown. It is a fairly expensive neighborhood. However, it is a prime spot for business professionals.

Mueller is a more modern neighborhood and features great parks. It is a great neighborhood for biking as well.

It is a very family-friendly area. The local schools are highly-rated, and there are many activities for kids around the neighborhood.

North Loop

North Loop is located to the north of the University of Texas campus. It is a very youthful neighborhood since it is mostly populated with college students and recent graduates.

There is a big night-life scene here, and many unique shops and eateries. The cost of living is somewhat lower than in other Austin neighborhoods. However, the crime rate is a little higher.

Old West Austin

Old West Austin is a very expensive area to live in. It also has a low crime rate, making it one of the safer neighborhoods in Austin.

It is an excellent area for business. However, there aren’t as many families in Old West Austin as in other neighborhoods. 

As for culture, there is a lot of history to discover and some interesting architecture.

South Lamar

South Lamar offers a lot of cultural enrichment. It is situated close to Downtown Austin and close to several parks and nature trails.

It is a good spot for business. Housing and rentals are less expensive than other neighborhoods. Very few violent crimes are reported here, though there are property crimes like theft.


Tarrytown, in central Austin, is an area known for neighborly inhabitants and a close-knit community feeling. It is a historic district with several beautiful parks.

Tarrytown has a range of housing options, but they can get very expensive. 

Westlake Hills

Westlake Hills is located in the southwest, very close to downtown. It is a safe neighborhood with great schools. 

It is also very expensive to live here. The median home value is over a million dollars. The neighborhood is more rural and is a popular spot for retirees.


Finally, south of the city center is Zilker. It is an expensive neighborhood, but a popular one. In addition to offering many outdoor attractions, Zilker is home to several yearly music festivals.

Zilker is not as safe as some other neighborhoods on this list, but it is family-friendly and very close to the downtown area.


Wherever you live in Austin, there is a lot to discover. From local restaurants to unique night-life experiences, you’re guaranteed to find something cool no matter where you live.

As a whole, Austin is a city with a high safety rating and a high cost of living. Take your time with your decision, and don’t forget to Keep Austin Weird!