If you are thinking of moving to or around Texas, you are certainly a part of the majority! In 2021, almost 200,000 people immigrated to Texas from other parts of the United States for a majority of reasons, including affordable housing. But Texas is a big state, and the prices of housing vary greatly from place to place. So let’s find out: What part of Texas has the most affordable housing?

The left-hand corner of Texas that comes to a point and borders Mexico and New Mexico definitely has the most affordable housing. El Paso, the major city in this area, is considered the city with the most affordable housing in the state, and Pecos, which is the small town with the most affordable housing, is only three hours away. 

If you want to learn everything there is to know about affordable housing in Texas, including where you can find it, what the houses cost on average, and even how they compare to the rest of the state and the national average, keep reading! This article has it all! 

What is the Average Cost of a House in Texas?

Studies have shown that the average cost of a typical single-family home in Texas is $257,628. 

Now, it’s important to note that the amount can drastically change depending on the type of home you’re looking for and, of course, where you want to live! 

Across the country, housing prices are rising consistently, if not drastically, and Texas is not immune to this problem. 

Although the average may seem low compared to the national average (which we are about to discuss), it’s still 18% higher than it was in 2020, which is a fairly incredible increase considering the national wage has only increased by about %4.7. 

However, as many of us know, the prices of homes are always going to increase, but if you are looking for affordable housing, Texas is certainly one of the best options! 

What is the National Average for Housing in the USA?

A typical single-family home in the United States currently costs about $303,288 on average. This is actually pretty ridiculous, considering inflation and the average wage of the American family! 

In California, Washington D.C., and Hawaii, the average cost of a home is above $500,000, and there are ten more states that come in above the $300,000 mark. 

So the fact that Texas’ average is only $257,628 should make it clear that Texas has some of the most affordable housing in the country. 

However, Texas is a big state, and it’s important to remember that while there is certainly affordable housing, there are certain counties and cities where you are far more likely to find inexpensive housing.

What Part of Texas Has the Most Affordable Housing?

If you are on any kind of budget or even if you have the money but don’t want to pay ridiculous prices for your home, Texas is a fantastic place to live! 

When it comes to deciding what part of Texas has the most affordable housing, there seems to be a fairly clear-cut answer: the far west corner, which borders Mexico and New Mexico, is known for having the least expensive housing on average. 

Both the town and city in Texas with the lowest recorded housing averages are within this area: El Paso and Pecos, Texas. 

El Paso, Texas, is considered to have the most affordable housing of any major city in the state. When it comes to purchasing a family home, the average cost in El Paso is an incredibly low $130,900. And the average monthly rate is only $790! 

As you now know, these prices are far below the state and national average, and you still get to live in a bustling and almost metropolitan city without breaking the bank.

If city life isn’t for you, you could consider moving about three hours east of El Paso to the small town of Pecos. With the average cost of a house being only $54,200, Pecos is without a doubt one of the cheapest places to live not only in Texas but the entire country!

While you will live in a tiny town, you could spend all the money you saved on your home traveling! 

The Bottom Line

The most western tip of Texas that borders Mexico and New Mexico has the most affordable housing, and El Paso is considered the most affordable of the state’s major cities. 

 However, overall, Texas, in general, falls far below the national average for housing costs. The bottom line: if you want to live in a great home without breaking the bank, Texas might just be the state for you and El Paso just might be the city!