Fort Worth is a cosmopolitan city in North Central Texas. Its rich history as a successful trading post in the 19th century, it is now known for its vibrant cultural locations and its many rodeos.

People living in Fort Worth in their 30s should look for options in Arlington Heights or Rivercrest. Both young professionals and parents in their 30s will find plenty of options for where to live in Fort Worth.

If you are interested in living in Fort Worth in your 30s, read below to find out which options you should consider.

Where Should I Live in My 30s Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas, is part of the sprawling metropolitan area that also includes Dallas. It is known for offering affordable housing in diverse neighborhoods, as well as a booming job market and great entertainment options.

The city is great for people in their 30s, whether they are single young professionals or starting to build a family. The many opportunities and amenities in Fort Worth mix the urban atmosphere with plenty of convenience and areas that cater to all personalities.


The exclusive, upscale Rivercrest neighborhood spreads around the historical country club that gave it its nickname. Rivercrest’s actual name is Crestline, but it is so well known for its landmark location that this is the name most people in Fort Worth use for it.

Rivercrest has great access to downtown Fort Worth, but its serene surroundings make it feel like it is fully disconnected from the central area. Its prestige dates back to the early 20th century when men made rich by oil started choosing Rivercrest to build their homes.

There are beautiful homes all over Rivercrest, many with incredible views, especially along Crestline Drive. The neighborhood can be found on the west side of the city, with many historic homes available to view, as well as modern houses for those in their 30s.

Arlington Heights

Known as Fort Worth’s safest neighborhood, Arlington Heights can be found next to the Cultural District. Arlington Heights is a short drive away from West 7th, where those in their 30s can find plenty of entertainment.

There are many great schools in the area for young families, as well as many parks to enjoy long walks surrounded by nature. There is a cozy suburban atmosphere in Arlington Heights that feels very peaceful and serene.

There are many stylish townhouses to choose from, as well as Craftsman and Bungalow-style options. Arlington Heights includes access to a golf course and a lake, so make sure your clubs are packed and ready.

Greenland Hills

Found in the Old East area, Greenland Hills is one of the top-rated neighborhoods for people in their 30s. Known colloquially as M-Streets, Greenland Hills is full of elegant streets with upscale Tudor-style houses, many of them dating back to the 1920s.

Greenland Hills features great access to Glencoe Park, Lower Greenville, and the Katy Trail. It is a very walkable location with beautifully picturesque historic homes on every corner. The area has a cozy small-town atmosphere, while still offering all the opportunities of a big city.

Those residing in Greenland Hills will always be close to some of the best shopping and entertainment locations in the city.


Known as the largest historic neighborhood in the southwestern part of the country, Fairmount is laid out in the classic style of the 20th-century streetcar suburbs. Fairmount can be found within the Near Southside district that combines Dutch colonial cottages with townhouses full of modern amenities.

This is an ideal location for those in their 30s who are working in the medical industry. Fairmount has great access to the John Peter Smith Hospital, the Cook’s Children’s Medical Hospital, and the Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital.

There are many community events throughout the neighborhood, as well as numerous trendy restaurants and cafés.


The Uptown area of Fort Worth is very popular with people in their 30s. Despite being a relatively new area, housing options in the neighborhood are being refurbished all the time to provide even more quality to those staying there.

Known for its luxurious condominiums, Uptown also includes a stylish selection of townhouses and lofts. This dynamic area is perfect for singles and new families looking to settle in the Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Mistletoe Heights

The charming Mistletoe Heights is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. It offers amazing views to residents thanks to its enviable location on the bluffs overlooking the Clear Fork on the Trinity River.

This beautiful area sprawls over 640 acres. It is close to the Texas Christian University, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, and the downtown area. The Trinity Trails are also nearby, catering to those in their 30s who are also passionate about nature.

With a selection of ideal starter homes and traditional Tudor-style homes, Mistletoe Heights is great for young professionals.


If you’re in your 30s, there are many amazing neighborhoods to live in Fort Worth. There are many options, from the most upscale to the up-and-coming trendy options. No matter which you choose, you will be entertained by your stylish Fort Worth lifestyle.