Buying a new car, even if it’s second-hand, is seriously exciting! When it comes to taking care of your car, there are a lot of factors to pay attention to. Of course, your car should regularly see a mechanic, you should change the oil, and use the right kind of fuel. But many people realize that even with the best care, rust still arrears! So let’s find out which state has the most rust-free cars and why!

The more moisture or salt in the air or on the road, the quicker a car is likely to rust. Consequently, the warm and dry climate of Arizona leads to the most rust-free cars. While other states can also provide rust-free cars depending on their climate, Arizona is the best and most consistent option.

If you want to learn a little more about why rust appears on cars, how to do your best to minimize rust on your car, why Arizona has the most rust-free cars, and the best and worst states for car rust, this article is for you! 

Why Does Rust Appear on Cars?

Before we find out what Arizona is the best state to buy and have a rust-free car, it’s important to understand why rust happens at all!

Rust forms on many metals, such as iron or steel, due to oxidation. Salt, water, and moisture in the air all lead to this oxidation which in turn forms rust. 

While there is often nothing you can do about exposing your car to the elements, it is vital that you consistently wash and wax your car in order to reduce rust. 

Of course, because rust is a result of the climate your car is in, including the humidity, moisture, and even salt in the air and on the road, the amount of rust you find on your car can vary greatly depending on where you live. 

As a general rule, dry climates which are not near the ocean will lead to the most rust-free cars, and of the many states that offer this kind of weather, Arizona has been named the best state for rust-free cars. 

Why Does Arizona Have the Most Rust-Free Cars?

Arizona has the most rust-free cars because it has a dry climate and little to no salt in the air or on the road. 

Being far from the ocean means that there is no salt arriving with the wind, and as there is no snow, you will not find salt being distributed over the roads to keep drivers safe from black ice. 

There is little to no humidity in Arizona which means there is no excessive moisture in the air to create rust on your car. 

Overall, Arizona is certainly the state with the most rust-free cars; however, it’s not the only state in the country with great options for rust-free cars. 

Best States for Rust-Free Cars

If you are reading the various reasons why Arizona has so many rust-free cars and thinking that there are several other states with a similar climate, you would be right! 

States such as Nevada, New Mexico, and parts of both California and Texas can also offer a plethora of rust-free cars. 

It’s important to note that if you are purchasing a used car, you should ask the dealer if it was purchased or sold in another state. Even if you find a great car in one of these prominently rust-free states, rust damage can run deep. 

Worst States for Rusty Cars

When choosing a car, you should certainly find out if it was ever used in the “rust belt” of the country. The states in the rust-belt include all those in the northeast of the country, as well as anywhere with extreme or constant weather of snow and ice. 

The reason being that states with winter weather experience a climate with intense precipitation and therefore excessive moisture. As well as the fact that salt is used on the roads to protect cars from sliding through snow and ice. The two worst elements for rust are prominent and inescapable! 

Cars from New England States and the Midwest (New Hampshire, Vermont, Missouri, Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, or Ohio just to name a few) are the worst for rusty cars. 

Final Thoughts 

So, what state has the most rust-free cars? Now you know the answer to that one: Arizona!  

Remember that in deciding where to get your next car, any state with a dry, warm, desert climate will do the trick, but overall, Arizona is known to have the most rust-free cars. 

No matter where you live, you cannot control the weather, but you can protect your car from rust by consistently cleaning, washing, and waxing it, as well as being on the lookout for any rust and getting rid of it before it spreads!