Arizona is a state with much to offer to those seeking to live there. Its amazing climate and stunning sights are usually accompanied by low living costs and affordable housing, but this is slowly changing.

If you are considering living in Arizona, read on below to find out which places are the most affordable even now.

The Most Affordable Places to Live in Arizona

Some parts of Arizona are slowly getting more expensive, but for now, there are still plenty of affordable choices across the state.

The most affordable places to live in Arizona include San Luis, Avondale, and Safford. These are just a few of the most affordable places to live in Arizona.

Let’s look at some of the best affordable locations in the area.


Winslow can be found in Navajo County, southeast of Flagstaff. This beautiful city started as a railroad community but now offers plenty of work opportunities to its small, tight-knit community.

Winslow has the most affordable home price to income ratio in the state and has a 67.3x income to rent ratio. This highly affordable place to live in Arizona has much to offer along Historic Route 66.

San Luis

San Luis can be found in Yuma County. It is an affordable location, with a 3.1x home price to income ratio and 64.2x income to rent ratio. It also offers a highly welcoming small community.

San Luis is ideal for those seeking a place to slow down and enjoy life. With a cheap housing market and low living costs, it is a great place to raise a family in a friendly and safe atmosphere.


The trendy city of Douglas is in Cochise County, right on the border with Mexico. Known for its mining history, it is now a highly affordable location, home to the Cochise County Fair, which attracts visitors from everywhere.

Besides being a fun, up and coming area, here are a few other reasons we love Douglas:

  • It’s the 7th most affordable place in Arizona in the home price to income ratio.
  • Douglas is the 57th cheapest regarding the income to rent ratio.
  • It’s an area rich in history with museums and old buildings, perfect for day trips and exploring!

While its proximity to the border contributes to the cheap costs, Douglas has a lot to offer to those considering settling down in it.


Avondale is a city right next to Phoenix, offering much more affordability than the state capital. This is a great place for sports lovers as it is home to the Phoenix Raceway and a huge indoor sports complex.

The average household income in Avondale is $61,825, while the median home value is $215,100. This makes it one of the most affordable places to live in Arizona, with the bonus of having great connections to Phoenix.


Safford is the capital of Graham County on the border with New Mexico. It offers great access to some of the best regional parks in the area, and it has great opportunities for young professionals.

With booming education and mining sectors, Safford also has a 2.6x home price to income ratio and a 71.5x income to rent ratio. This affordable city is a great choice for those seeking a cheap place to live.


Found in Pinal County, Coolidge is a great place to live in general, but it is also one of the most affordable ones in the state. This flourishing community is home to Central Arizona College.

It is also known for being the location of the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Coolidge is one of the most affordable places in Arizona when it comes to home price to income ratio (2.3x).


Globe was first established as a mining community but has gone on to become a great place to live and work for everyone. This affordable Gila County location is a beautiful community that offers a great taste of small-town living.

It has a 2.4x home price to income ratio, as well as a 62.7x income to rent ratio. This is a great cheap city that can be ideal for raising a family away from the bustle of the city.


In Maricopa County, Glendale has grown from a more traditional community to one that fully blends its rich past with its plentiful modern amenities. The historic downtown and the sprawling area it covers also offer some of the most affordable living across the state.

The average house cost is $214,700, which opens plenty of opportunities for those seeking to buy.

Apache Junction

The city of Apache Junction belongs to both Pinal County and Maricopa County. It offers amazing tourist attractions along with some of the most affordable living in Arizona.

Apache Junction has a great home price to income ratio at 2.6x, as well as a 57.6x income to rent ratio. This historic location has amazing views for a fraction of the prices found elsewhere.


Snowflake can be found in north-central Arizona, in Navajo County. Besides having a fantastic name and being an affordable community in Arizona, here are a few other factors that helped Snowflake make our list:

  • Snowflake was named after one of the pioneers that established a home here.
  • There’s an excellent job market in Snowflake.
  • Snowflake has lots of real estate opportunities.

With a great home price-to-income ratio (3.0x) and a convenient income-to-rent ratio, the community in Snowflake is great for those looking for comfortable Arizona living.


Yuma County’s Somerton is a tight-knit community fueled by agriculture, tourism, and healthcare. There is an annual Tamale Festival that is a huge attraction, but it is also known for its cheap prices.

The home price-to-income ratio (2.9x) and the income-to-rent ratio (61.5x) make it a highly affordable place to live in Arizona, no matter the type of prospective resident.


Arizona is a state with plenty of affordable places for those seeking to live there. From big cities to small communities, there is something here to fit everyone’s tastes and everyone’s budget, whether renting or buying.