Everyone wants a home that feels like a refuge at the end of the day, a safe place to rest, grow, and celebrate.  How do you know, though, which are the most dangerous places to live?  Even in a relatively safe city like Sacramento, danger lurks more menacingly in some places than in others.

We’ve focused on violent crimes in this report rather than property crimes because while you don’t want your bike stolen, your safety matters even more.  And then, once you know where you don’t want to live, we’ve included some recommendations for safer alternatives, as well.

Parker Homes

Parker Homes can’t feel very safe to anyone living there, with its violent crime rate at 1154% of the US average.  Other parts of the city may have a higher number of crimes, but since only about 250 people live in the Parker Homes neighborhood, its rate makes an impression.  In fact, a crime in Parker Homes probably won’t involve your belongings but rather your personal safety.  With unemployment at about 12%, this isn’t anyone’s dream neighborhood.

Del Paso Park

Located near Interstate 80 and the Capital City Freeway, Del Paso Park’s violent crime rate is more than four and a half times the national rate.  Though the high school graduation rate remains high, low income and high unemployment contribute to the danger in this neighborhood.  A look at the crime log for this neighborhood in September 2021, for example, showed three shootings, a handful of assaults and dozens of robberies and thefts in the previous month.


Better schools, accessibility to cultural events, and downtown living convenience make Midtown seem preferable to some other neighborhoods.  However, high costs of living and property prices point in another direction. The high rate of violent crime – 444% of the corresponding rate for the US – makes this a dangerous and less desirable area to live in.


We’re back out by Interstate 80 for Gardenland, which has a:

  • A high cost of living
  • Poor employment opportunities
  • Below-grade schools

It also has a crime rate of 420% of the national violent crime average.  Living in Gardenland, you have a 1 in 9 chance of being the victim of violent or property crime.  Low property values reflect this neighborhood’s lack of desirability.

South Hagginwood

With a violent crime of 386% of the US average and 10% unemployment, residents of South Hagginwood have their work cut out for them in improving their neighborhood.  On the other hand, the cost of living and housing are ranking above average.  These seem like hopeful signs for the neighborhood’s future and for the families who live there, but for the time being, be careful in this part of town.

Upper Land Park

Flanked by the West Side Highway and the Sacramento River, Upper Land Park has a high rate of violent crime (386% of the US average). The community police report from the precinct covering Upper Land Park shows a 35.8% increase in shooting reports and a 37.9% increase in arrests for possession of a firearm between 2019 and 2020.  In September 2021, this neighborhood’s monthly report included two incidents of gang activity in Upper Land Park.  While the residents may be law-abiding citizens, this neighborhood seems to have frequent undesirable visitors.

Johnson Heights

About Johnson Heights, one resident writes, “too many shootings, too much crime.”  With a violent crime rate of 356% of the national average, people aren’t safe in this neighborhood.  However, the property crime rate is only 53% of the US rate, so while you may be in some danger yourself, your belongs are relatively safe.

Wills Acres

With a median income of about $23,000 a year and 9% unemployment, residents of Wills Acres struggle.  The violent crime rate in this neighborhood tops out at about 346% of the national average – nearly three and a half times the national violent crime rate.  A quick scroll through the crime logs for this neighborhood reveals a variety of assaults and robberies. 

Richmond Grove

Richmond Grove residents rave about the accessibility of farmers markets and walkable streets.  However, a violent crime rate of 336% of the US violent crime rate makes this one of Sacramento’s most dangerous neighborhoods.  A glance at the crime report for this neighborhood shows multiple assaults and shootings, not to mention vandalism, theft and burglaries. 

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Safe Places to Live in Sacramento

Now you know where you don’t want to move in Sacramento.  Some safer alternatives?  Natomas Creek and Creekside attract young professionals and families with affordable housing and low crime rates.  Pocket, River Park and Elmhurst offer nightlife and coffee shops, parks, and highly rated public schools, with higher home values.  Make a wise choice for a safe home in Sacramento!