Although Delaware is not a part of New England, it does have similar brisk, rainy weather throughout the year. As a result, it is important to know which city in Delaware has the best weather!

The city with the best weather in Delaware is Lewes. Lewes, Delaware is located on a southeastern coast of Delaware where the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean meet. Lewes is across from the peninsula of Cape May, New Jersey.

Now that you know that Lewes has the best weather in Delaware (and where exactly it is), it is important to find out why it does. Keep reading to learn about what kind of weather can be expected in Lewes, Delaware!

Why Does Lewes Have the Best Weather?

In a small state like Delaware, it may be hard to believe that there is such significant variation among its cities. However, there are several ways Lewes’s weather has distinguished it from its peers.

Lewes, has the best weather in Delaware because it has:

  • 206 sunny days per year, which is the highest in Delaware.
  • July high of 86 °F (warmer than the US average of 85 °F).
  • January low of 28 °F, which is warmer than the Delaware average.
  • 12 inches of snow per year (the US average is 28 inches).

For visitors coming from hotter climates, this may still seem on the chilly side—however, for Delaware this is comparatively warm and ideal for enjoying what Lewes has to offer! Below you can find out when the best time to visit Lewes, Delaware is.

When is the Best Time to Visit Lewes, Delaware?

Like most states in the Northeast, Delaware receives a considerable amount of rain throughout the year and has frigid winters. As a result, it’s best to plan your trip for when you can experience the best weather Lewes, Delaware has to offer.

The best time to visit Lewes, Delaware is in May, June, and September. The beginning and end of summer are the most ideal to experience warm weather without rain, because Delaware gets a majority of its rain in March, July, and August.

Now that you know what weather to expect when you visit Lewes, it is time to find out what activities are available throughout the year!

What Activities are in Lewes?

Although Lewes has the greatest number of sunny days, it does get a significant amount of rain. Fortunately, we made a list of activities to explore in this coastal town indoors and outdoors, so you don’t have to slow down your trip due to weather!

Indoor Attractions in Lewes, Delaware:

  • Beach Time Distilling is a small Delaware Craft Distillery that produces a variety of Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Whiskey; it offers tours and tastings.
  • Zwaanendael Museum shares the history of the Dutch colony in Delaware, Swanendael.
  • Lewes History Museum offers exhibits about Lewes’s maritime history, famous families, art and artists, and the environmental changes.
  • Cannonball House has served many roles in Lewes’s history since it was built in c. 1765, but now it houses The Lewes Historical Maritime Museum and the exhibition of Breaking Britannia’s Grasp.
  • Fisher Martin House was built in the 1730’s and now houses the Lewes Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. It is located next to the Zwaanendael Museum and is ideal for learning more about Lewes’s history.

Outdoor Attractions in Lewes, Delaware:

  • Cape Henlopen State Park is filled with many unique and interesting attractions, which includes: Point Overlook where Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean meet, touring Fort Miles Historical Area, biking in the park, and the Nature Center and touch tank.
  • Hopkins Farm Creamery is a dairy farm that also sells ice cream made on-site; visitors can also enjoy visiting the animals on the farm.
  • Lightship Overfalls is essentially a lighthouse on a boat, which was restored and has become an interactive maritime history museum in Lewes, DE.
  • Historic Lewes Farmer’s Market is a non-profit, community-based marker that meets every Wednesday and Saturday; it sells local produce and aims to educate children about the benefits of eating locally.
  • Zwaanendael Park & Herb Garden contains the Zwaanendael Museum and Fisher House; its garden is filled with herbs and plants used for culinary, medicinal, other uses by colonials and Native Americans.

Furthermore, if you have an extra sunny and want to visit another nearby town, you can enjoy a ride on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry!

For such a small town, Lewes offers a lot of attractions based on its rich colonial and maritime history, beautiful landscapes, and local community members. It’s particularly ideal for a down-to-earth trip for history lovers and families.


In conclusion, Lewes is a historical town with the best weather in Delaware. It has over 206 sunny days per year, and warmer than average summers and winters. The best months to visit Lewes are May, June, and September. Its winters are usually too cold for outdoor activities, and July and August experience the majority of the year’s rain.

When you visit Lewes, Delaware, you’ll be delighted to find a variety of family-friendly indoor and outdoor activities. By the time you have finished visiting all the places in our article, you will have gotten your fill of local history, produce, and most importantly, good weather!