Connecticut is home to many great attractions, and its location makes it a coveted destination for those looking to move or visit the northeast. However, among the things to consider before visiting Connecticut is the climate of some of its top cities.

The city with the best weather in Connecticut is Stamford, Connecticut. On average, temperatures in the summer reach 83.6 degrees, which is nearly three degrees lower than the national average. In the winter, the average temperature drops down to 21.6 degrees.

While temperatures remain comfortable year round in Stamford, Connecticut, there are other factors to consider such as precipitation and time of year when evaluating the city with the best weather in Connecticut. Keep reading to find out just what makes Stamford’s weather so special. 

What City in Connecticut Has the Best Weather?

Stamford, Connecticut is known for its temperate climate year round. The summers in Stamford are much milder compared to the U.S average. During July, the hottest month of the year, the temperatures average to 74.9 degrees.

Despite the reputation of states in the northeast being among the coldest in the United States, Stamford, Connecticut, actually boasts 178 days of sunshine throughout the year. That amounts to nearly half the year and is just below the national average of 205 days of sunshine per year.

The sunshine also lasts through the day as on average, there are 94.56 hours of sun every month and nearly three thousand hours of sunlight for the entire year!

What Are the Seasons Like in Stamford, Connecticut?

Typically the warm season in Stamford, Connecticut lasts from early June to mid September. That is when temperatures are the hottest. The hottest day of the year usually occurs around late July with the temperature reaching 83 degrees.

The cold season in Stamford lasts from early December to mid-March. This is when you’ll find the coldest temperatures of the year, with the coldest day of the year occurring in late January. On that day, the temperature averages out to 24 degrees.

Spring in Stamford, Connecticut begins in mid-March and goes until the beginning of June. Springtime temperatures are typically much cooler than the summer months, with temperatures averaging out at 61 degrees.

Finally, autumn in Stamford begins in late September and lasts until early December. Temperatures in the fall months drop down after the warm summer months and fall to a crisp 65 degrees.

What Is the Weather Like During the Colder Months?

During the winter months, the temperatures drop considerably and average out to 29.4 degrees. Despite those frigid conditions, it still fares better than the national average of 21.7 degrees. Comparing the temperatures in Stamford to other cities in Connecticut, only one night per year do the temperatures fall below 0 degrees.

How Much Precipitation Accumulates in Stamford?

While temperatures are typically mild in Stamford compared to other cities in Connecticut, there is a considerable amount of rainfall in the area. The rainiest month of the year in Stamford is April. Twelve days of the month, on average, are usually rained out.

It is of note that the wet season in Stamford lasts for a considerable amount of time. From April 1 until August 20, the chance of precipitation on any given day is above 29%. The peak day for a chance of precipitation occurs in late May. On that day, the chance of precipitation rises to 36%.

The driest month of the year is February with only nine days of the month being rained out. While February is the driest month, it is the month where it snows the most, coming in with about 9 inches of snow for the whole month.

Despite the frigid temperatures during the colder months, the amount of snowfall in Stamford, Connecticut, is actually marginal. In fact the most common form of precipitation in Stamford is rainfall.

The annual snowfall in Stamford comes in at 29.9 inches per year. All things considered, that is an optimal amount and registers as among one of the lowest totals in all of Connecticut. 

Which City in Connecticut Has the Best Weather Year Round?

If you are looking for mild temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and minimal precipitation, Stamford is the best city in all of Connecticut. While the cold temperatures may force you inside a few months at a time, it is made up by the months of warmth and sunshine throughout the spring and summer months.

All things considered, Stamford, Connecticut, has the best combination of weather in the entire state. The even balance between the temperatures during the cold and warm months makes it an ideal location for those looking to visit and enjoy its pleasant climate.