If you have ever lived or visited anywhere in the state of Texas, then you know how hot and unpredictable the weather can be. Homes built in this state are often done so, with tile flooring in the majority of the home. So, are you wondering why so many Texas homes have tile floors?

Many Texas homes are built to include tile flooring throughout due to a variety of reasons, including the changing weather conditions. Because tile flooring is designed to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and wear, it won’t break down over time as easily.

To discover why so many Texas homes have tile floors throughout, you will need to understand a few things about the flooring. Keep reading to learn what tile floors are made of, some advantages and disadvantages of tile flooring, and why Texas homes have tile floors.

What Are Tile Floors Made Of?

Tile floors, whether they are ceramic or porcelain, come in a wide range of colors and styles to fit your personality. Depending on the type of tile flooring you choose, the price can vary from relatively inexpensive to expensive.

In most cases, tile floor is made up of ceramic, which is a clay-type material that is cut into tiles and filled in with grout. This type of flooring is made to last for a long time because of its durability.

Advantages of Tile Floors in Texas

Texans have it figured out! When you build homes with the right flooring for your climate and terrain, you can avoid problems with your flooring in the future.

Here are some of the pros of installing tile flooring in your Texas house:

  • Tile floor is water-resistant. This means that if something spills on them, they will not ruin it. Being water resistant makes them the perfect choice to use in your bathroom, kitchen, or entryways.
  • Solid and long-lasting. Tile floor is made to endure being used in high traffic areas of the home.
  • Easy to maintain. Tile floor is extremely easy to maintain, and cleaning only takes a few minutes.

Why do Texas Homes Have Tile Floors?

There are many reasons why tile floors are more prominent in Texas homes than most other types of flooring.

Texas homes have tile flooring for several reasons. Tile floors work well with heat, and many areas of Texas experience intense summers with high heat. Tile floors are also easier to clean and are more tolerant of moisture.

Works Well with the Heat

With the vast types of weather and climate throughout the state of Texas, it is difficult to predict what the temperature will be from one day to the next. Additionally, the weather can change rapidly from temperatures in the 100s to thunderstorms in the blink of an eye.

Because of this, tile floors are more durable than other types of flooring and do a good job of withstanding the ever-changing weather in Texas. Residents also do not have to worry whether or not their floor may be damaged if the weather gets too hot or changes quickly.

Easier to Clean

Tile floors are much easier to clean than other types of flooring, at least according to most who have tile floors. This is because whether they are textured floors or smooth, the most you have to do is sweep and mop them to clean.

Additionally, if you make a small mess on the floor, it can be cleaned easily with a wet paper towel and some cleaner. Maintenance of tile floors is next to nothing, as well as being easy to clean, which makes them a great choice for both builders and homeowners alike.

Can Be Exposed to Water with Less Deterioration 

Tile floors can also be exposed to water without having to worry about them deteriorating or being exposed to mold. This is a great advantage of using them in Texas homes since the weather can change so quickly.

In Texas, thunderstorms are a common occurrence, especially in specific parts of the state. In homes with tile floors, this can be a nightmare when rain and mud get tracked onto the floor.

With tile floors, there is less of a chance of them molding or breaking down due to the water or mud. Because of this, tile is the best choice for many Texas homeowners.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are planning to move to Texas or not, you should know that many homes in the state have tile floors. Before you decide to get rid of the tile for another type of flooring, you should check out the reasons, so many homes have the flooring in the first place.