Surely you have seen videos of the California weather and have heard about how nice and hot the weather can be. However, you might not know whether the California weather is humid like the Florida weather or if it is dryer.

If you have experienced high humidity before, then you know how much of a difference that makes when it comes to the way that you feel the weather. This is why it might be important for you to know whether it is humid in California like it is in Florida. 

Whether you are thinking of moving there or simply thinking about visiting, you might want to know in advance how the weather is going to feel. If you are wondering whether the California weather is humid like in Florida, then you should read the information below to find your answer. 

Is it Dry or Humid in California?

In order to answer whether the climate in California is dry or humid, it is first important to recognize that California is a very large state that has many different types of regions. There are parts of California that are deserts, while others have more of a tundra-like environment. 

Typically, it is considered that the regions closer to the coastline of California and the Central Valley have what is called a Mediterranean climate. This means that they have warmer, drier weather in the summertime. 

However, despite the dry climate that exists in some parts of California, there are other parts that experience really high humidity, especially in the mornings. 

Why is the Humidity so Low in California?

If you compare the weather in California with that of Florida, you might wonder why California has dryer weather than Florida despite both states having coastlines. The answer is quite simple. 

The waters of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California are typically quite cold. This means that water isn’t evaporated as much as in warmer waters which leads to less moisture in the air. 

Contrast that with the warmer Atlantic waters that surround the state of Florida, and you have your answer as to why Florida is humid, and California is dry. In addition, other factors such as elevation can also affect humidity. The higher you go up, the more humidity you are likely to encounter. This explains why some places in California, such as Death Valley, have such dry climates. 

What is the Florida Humidity?

Florida is one of the most humid states in the U.S, and because of this, it experiences some very humid months throughout the year. If you have ever been to Florida, then you have surely experienced that humidity for yourself. There is something about the humidity in Florida that makes the air feel thicker, and temperatures feel hotter. 

The average humidity in Florida is around 74% which makes it the state with the highest average humidity. Typically, the most humid month is August which is usually around 75%. Meanwhile, March tends to be the least humid month, with around 60% humidity. 

A major cause of this humidity is the fact that Florida is one of the states that are closest to the Equator, which explains the warm weather they experience. The fact that the state is surrounded by water on three sides also helps greatly to the state’s humidity

When the waters of the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico evaporate, that moisture gets into the air, which results in the high humidity that can be experienced in Florida. 

Is California as Humid as Florida?

After it was mentioned earlier that some parts of California could experience high humidity at times, you might be wondering if California is as humid as Florida. 

However, the answer is a very simple no. The average humidity in California is 61% which is significantly lower than Florida’s average of 74%. In addition, you need to consider the fact that not all regions of California experience the same levels of humidity. 

Although certain regions in California can get pretty humid, the state as a whole is much less humid than Florida. If you were looking for a place with warm weather but isn’t humid, then California might just be the place for you. On the other hand, if you are someone that likes to stay away from dry weather, then California might not be the place for you, or at least certain regions of California. 


If you have been to both California and Florida, then you probably aren’t surprised to hear that California is not as humid as Florida. Regardless of this, there are certainly some regions of California that can get pretty humid. 

If you were looking to move to California, perhaps this is a plus for you since you can travel within the state from a dryer to a more humid climate. There are some people who prefer to stay away from humid climates, but there are also many people who get used to the humid weather with ease. One isn’t really better than the other. At the end of the day, it is all just personal preference.