Having a fireplace in your home provides warmth as well as ambiance- two very important elements, especially in a Texas home! But with Texas having a warmer climate overall, is it necessary to have a fireplace for temperature? And if Texas homes don’t need a fireplace for temperature, do they have one just for ambiance? Do Texas homes have fireplaces at all?

Homeowners in Texas can now enjoy owning a fireplace, just like anyone else. In fact, many homes in Texas have a fireplace as their indoor source of heat, whether it be a primary source or a backup in case of a power outage during the winter months. There are also a significant number of people living off-grid in Texas, making fireplaces almost essential for heating.

Whether you are purchasing a home in Texas or are just looking to move there, you might be blown away to learn that you can expect a fireplace in your new home. In this article, we take you through everything you need to know about Texas homes and fireplaces.

The Role of a Fireplace in a Texas Home

You can think of a fireplace like your own little nanny. She can keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer, protect your family from the elements and even provide a place to relax during the day. The more she works for you, the more you’ll appreciate her services.

Texas homes have fireplaces to regulate the temperature within the home. This applies to traditional homes, as well as those living off the grid.

Up next, we’ll outline these reasons in a little more detail.

Keeping Your Home’s Interior Temperature Regulated

For your house to stay habitable, you need to keep the walls, doors, and floors of your home water-free. Fireplaces are great at doing that. They allow you to keep your home’s interior temperature regulated, ensuring that your loved ones can comfortably stay inside during the cold winter months and your indoor plants can flourish in the hot summer months.

Off-Grid Living

Another benefit to off-grid living is the ability to eliminate the need for electricity. With a solar panel system and a wind turbine, you can power your house with as little as possible from the grid. Another great thing about a fireplace is that it can work as an ideal off-grid heat source.

The Benefits of Having a Fireplace in Your Texas Home

While the aesthetic of a fireplace is enough for most, what true benefits can this system provide for a home in Texas?

You might be surprised to learn there are actually many advantages to having a fireplace in your home, including:

  • Interior warmth
  • Exterior warmth
  • Indoor air quality

Keeps Your Home’s Interior Warmth

Fireplaces are great at keeping your home’s interior temperature warm. This is because they burn wood, which is plant material. As we know, plants need to be moist to survive. When a house is too dry, plants wilt. When a house is too wet, plant growth is poor, and water logging occurs. By burning wood, a fireplace helps to keep the interior temperature consistent throughout the house.

Keeps Your House’s Exterior Hotter

Another benefit of a fireplace is that it keeps your house’s exterior hotter. This is because heat energy from the fireplace radiates away from the house and into the air. This energy is then released when you open the door to your house, keeping your home’s exterior hot.

Keeps Your Home’s Air Quality Healthy

A less well-known benefit of a fireplace is that it keeps your home’s air quality healthy. This is because carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless and colorless gas that is produced when organic materials like coal are burned in a fireplace. By burning organic material like wood instead of coal, you help to keep this air toxic.

The Types of Room You Can Easily Fit a Fireplace In

When you’re first deciding what type of room would work the best for having a fireplace, you need to keep in mind where the fireplace will be located.

Most fireplace placement is determined by:

  • Fireplace size
  • Room size
  • Forced air ducting
  • The room’s layout

How Much Value Does a Fireplace Add in Texas?

As with any item, the more you spend on a fireplace, the more value you’re getting for your money. But the best way to determine what kind of value a fireplace can add to your home is to talk with people who live in similar houses. You can also ask your local fire inspector if they have any recommendations.


Fireplaces are a great way to bring warmth, coziness, and ambiance to your home. Though you’ll pay more for a fireplace than you would for a television or other appliance, the amount of value you get from the piece of furniture is well worth the price.