When most people think of Los Angeles, they often mention the fact that it feels hot, sometimes to the point of sweltering. In fact, many people, even residents of LA, talk about the consistency of the weather being hot in the summers and somewhat temperate the rest of the year. But, those who have never visited LA often wonder if it is humid or dry in this coastal city.

Although the weather is moderate most of the year, Los Angeles is said to be an exceptionally dry city. This means that during the summer months, it is not only hot, but it is a dry heat that leaves many people searching for some relief from the cool ocean water.

If you have ever been to Los Angeles, then you know how hot it can be, especially in the summertime. Keep reading to learn more about the weather in LA and why it is dry when it feels humid.

What Is the Average Temperature in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is known for its temperate climate most of the year, although the summer months can be described as almost unbearable. This is because, depending on the season, the temperatures stay relatively dependable.

During the different seasons, the weather in Los Angeles can range from about 45℉ in the winter months to 90℉ and above in the summertime. Even though this range is vastly different, it is most dependable to residents.

For example, residents of the City of Angels have come to know that during the summer months, they need to take certain precautions to ensure they are not getting heatstroke since the temperatures can get extremely hot. This often means that they are spending more time at the beach or inside under the air conditioning.

During the fall and spring months, residents report that temperatures are mostly bearable, staying within the vicinity of about 75℉. This is often a welcomed difference from the summer heat they may have experienced recently.

The winter months in LA are also somewhat temperate, with temperatures not going down further than around 45℉. Although nights can be known to get down slightly lower, it is rare to see the chill last for very long.

Is the Ocean Hot or Cold in LA?

For the most part, the Pacific Ocean stays somewhat cool since it is the water that is coming from Alaska and other colder areas. This means that despite the sweltering heat in the summer months, the water stays on the cool side.

In the summer, this cooler ocean water is a relief to many from the heat they experience almost on a daily basis. Taking a dip in the ocean can allow them to cool off, which explains why the beaches are mostly full during the summer.

Is LA Humid or Dry?

Even though it feels hot and muggy at times in Los Angeles, especially in the summer months, the heat is said to be extremely dry. With the sun shining down with almost no relief, LA residents describe it as a very dry heat.

Since the Pacific Ocean is cooler, there is not much evaporation that happens over the waters and therefore does not produce much humidity. Although there is some humidity throughout the year, for the most part, the climate is dry.

The climate in Los Angeles is often described as similar to Mediterranean climate trends, but with extremely dry summers and mostly wet winters. The winters often bring precipitation in the way of consistent rain during much of the season.

Why Does It Feel Humid in Los Angeles?

Although the temperatures in Los Angeles, especially in the summer months, can get hotter than the rest of the year, the humidity levels do not often rise with it. This is because of the cooler ocean temperatures coming off the Pacific Ocean.

Since the water from the Pacific Ocean is cooled by the cold climate of Alaska, the ocean around Los Angeles often stays relatively cool. With this being the case, the process of evaporation does not happen as much as it does on the Atlantic Ocean.

Many people, however, often describe the summers as dry. There are times when it feels extremely muggy outside. This is mostly due to the dew point averages rather than actual humidity.

Another reason the climate is typically drier than other coastal areas is because Los Angeles does not experience as much precipitation. Since the summers are typically dry, any rainfall occurs during the winter months, if at all. 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that in Los Angeles, despite the belief that the ocean would bring a more humid climate, the truth is that the weather in the city is mostly dry. The ocean does not do much to add to the moisture in the air since it is mostly colder.

Those who live in Los Angeles year-round enjoy having the predictability of the climate throughout the year. Knowing that summers are going to bring extreme dry heat and the winters some precipitation helps them to be better prepared for anything that comes their way.