Atlanta is an incredible city full of festive breweries, unique and delicious restaurants, and theaters galore. Although Atlanta can be very exciting to visit, some wonder how safe certain areas are.

Below, we’ll discuss eleven of the most dangerous places to live in Atlanta and some safer alternatives. Keep reading to learn where to look and where to avoid if you’re considering buying a home in the Atlanta area!

The Most Dangerous Places to Live in Atlanta 

Although there are many great places to live in Atlanta, there are some areas you will want to steer clear of. 

Generally, the most dangerous areas in Atlanta include Oakland City, West End, Adamsville, and Adams Park. These neighborhoods rank higher on the crime scale than the rest of the city.

Below, we’ll highlight eleven neighborhoods in Atlanta you may want to steer clear of. 

We’ll give you important information, including the crime rate, population, and median income. 

Oakland City

Oakland City, located in Southwest Atlanta, has a population of 6,350. It’s home to The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Park, Zoo Atlanta, and the World of Coca-Cola Museum. 

With a median income of $23,000, Oakland City’s crime rate is approximately 1.25%. 

This means that, out of the 6,350 people who live there, 79 will fall victim to crime annually.

Lakewood Heights

Lakewood Heights is home to Lakewood Stadium and South Bend Park. 

Located in Southeast Atlanta, it has a similar population and median annual income to Oakland City. 

However, its crime rate is slightly lower at 0.99%.

West End

Located in Fulton County in Northern Atlanta, West End has a population of 6,659 and a median income of $29,000. 

This neighborhood is home to the Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame and the Original Selfie Museum. 

However, West End’s annual crime rate is around 2.3%. 

Grove Park

Grove Park, located in Northern Atlanta, has a population of 10,437 and a median income of $28,000. 

This neighborhood is home to the Grove Park Recreation Center. 

Annually, the crime rate hovers around 0.83%.


Adamsville is located in Fulton County in Northern Atlanta. Here, you’ll find the Old Adamsville Recreation Center and the Cascade Family Skating Center. 

Adamsville has a crime rate of 0.86%. Approximately 7,800 people live in this neighborhood, and this crime rate means approximately 67 people will deal with a crime each year. 

Adams Park

Adams Park is located in South Fulton County. It’s home to Alfred Tup Holmes Golf Course, located in the actual Adams Park.

With a population of 10,437 and a median income of $28,000, Adams Park’s crime rate is approximately 0.62%. 

Center Hill

Also located in Fulton County, Center Hill’s population comes in at 5,471, and the median income is $29,000. 

In the northeast corner of Center Hill, you’ll find Center Hill Park.

Unfortunately, Their crime rate is pretty high at around 1.05%. 

Adair Park

Adair Park has a higher crime rate than Center Hill and a much lower population. 

Adair Park’s crime rate is approximately 2%, and the population is only 1,479. This means that 30 of those residents will fall victim to a crime each year.

This area is in downtown Atlanta and has a median income of $42,000.

Cascade Heights

Located in southwest Atlanta, Cascade Heights has a population of 35,000. 

It is home to the Cascade Springs Nature Reserve and just a few minutes drive from Alfred Tup Holmes Golf Course. 

The median income is around $38,000, and the area has a crime rate of 1.77%. 

English Avenue and Vine City

English Avenue and Vine City, located in northwest Atlanta, has a crime rate of 2.13%. 

The population is only 4,486, making it one of the most dangerous places in Atlanta. 

The median income here is $30,000.

This area is home to the Herndon Home, a national landmark built in 1910 by Alonzo F. Herndon, founder of Atlanta Life Insurance Company and the first African-American millionaire.


Mechanicsville, located south of downtown Atlanta, has a population of 5,886 and a median income of $23,000. It’s home to Turner Field and Garnett Station. 

The crime rate here is 2.5%, the highest on this list.

The Safest Areas to Live in Atlanta

While hearing about all the dangerous places in Atlanta may make you weary about moving to this Georgia city, there are some safe neighborhoods that make great alternatives. 

Generally, the Virginia Highland, Decatur, and Candler Park neighborhoods are considered great places to live. These areas boast beautiful architecture and are some of the wealthiest places in the Atlanta metro area. 

The safest neighborhoods are typically located in the north Downtown and Northwest Atlanta areas. 

The following areas are considered chic and affluent, and full of Victorian homes, art galleries, upscale restaurants, and shopping centers:

  • Buckhead
  • Virginia Highland
  • Decatur
  • Candler Park
  • Morningside

Below, we’ll discuss more information on each.


Buckhead is the northernmost part of Atlanta City. 

It is a larger residential and commercial area and home to Lenox Square, the third-largest mall in Georgia. 

The area has high-rise office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and condominiums.

 It is also home to many lavish mansions built at the height of the Great Depression.

Virginia Highland

Virginia Highland is another affluent neighborhood. 

It was founded in the early 20th century as a streetcar suburb, and they now host a Summerfest festival and an annual Tour of Homes. 

Virginia Highland was deemed “Best Overall Neighborhood” and “Best Walkable Neighborhood” by readers of Creative Loafing. 


Located in DeKalb County, Decatur is five miles from downtown Atlanta. 

Decatur is considered a small but trendy mixed-use district. It has a lot of citizen involvement and maintains that small-town feel. 

The city holds many festivals, including the Decatur Arts Festival each May, and is home to the Stone Mountain Trail.

Candler Park

This area contains two parks, Candler Park and Freedom Park. 

Candler Park covers 55 acres and has a nine-hole golf course, a swimming pool, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, and a playground. 

The area contains an array of restaurants, from coffee shops to barbecue and pizza bars. 

It’s known as an extremely friendly neighborhood with lots of walkable sidewalks and green spaces. 


Founded in 1923, Morningside is a mix of urban and suburban. 

There are many coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, and schools here are highly rated. 

The area is considered progressive, and the people who live there are filled with local pride. 

It is considered charming and artsy, with walkable streets full of shopping and parks. 

In Conclusion

Atlanta has a lot to offer, whether you’re single or have a family. 

Although Atlanta can be exciting and fun, some areas are not as safe as others to live in or visit. 

Generally, Northern Atlanta is safer than Southern Atlanta. The best areas include chic neighborhoods with beautiful historic homes.