There are some months that rain a lot, making vegetable gardens and lawns sprout up like crazy. But, the rain can also make planning outdoor activities and travel a little more challenging. With that in mind, some may wonder what month it rains the least. 

Generally, March has the least amount of rainfall compared to other months. In March, temperatures begin to rise to the 60 and 70-degree mark for most of the country, and the month’s warmth sets the grounds for April rain. 

Below, we’ll discuss more information on the driest months of the year. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know. 

What is the Driest Month in the US?

March is known as the driest month of the year.

According to the National Center for Environmental Information, the average monthly rainfall in March is just 2.45 inches.

This applies to much of the US. However, some parts of the eastern and southeastern coasts received above-average rainfall this month. 

Due to drier conditions, National Agriculture Month is celebrated in March. 

Agriculture brings in billions of dollars each year per state, and the lull in the rain for the month slows things down a bit so farmers can partake in the festivities.  

What Are the Driest States in the US?

Precipitation averages can range drastically in different states, but the driest state in the US may come as no surprise. 

Due to its desert-like areas, Nevada comes in at the top of the list of the driest states in the US. Nevada sees an average of just 9.5 inches of rain per year. The Sierra Nevada Mountains that run through the state receive the most rainfall. 

Wyoming is another one of the driest US states. This mountain state receives an average of just 12.68 inches of rain annually. 

Wyoming experiences a greater variety in temperature than other states in the US. Winters can be bitterly cold, which dries out the air even more. 

California is also considered one of the driest states in the US. Its total rainfall averages around 22 inches annually, making it one of the country’s sunniest states. 

According to Utah Hazard Mitigation, Utah is another one of the driest states in the US. This state sees an average of 13 inches of rain annually.

This puts Utah into a drought for some of the year, increasing the chances of wildfires. However, its water supply is revived by melting snow from the mountaintops. 

The Best Places for Outdoor Activities in March

March isn’t just the least rainy month of the year.

It is also the month of the year when temperatures begin to rise, making it one of the best times to get outside!

If you want to participate in some outdoor activities during your spring vacation, you may be wondering about the best places to go.

Below is a list of the top places to stay and play during this dry, warm month: 

  • Big Sur, CA. Big Sur hosts lots of fantastic festivals in March. Full of emerald green hills and a stunning array of wildflowers, the scenic trails here are something to see. 
  • Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia also hosts festivals in March, many of which offer tasty local food. You can enjoy Irish bar festivals, women’s festivals, and flower shows. 
  • Asheville, NC. Asheville has very comfortable temperatures in March and many outdoor activities, such as DuPont State Forest and Bridal Veil Falls. 
  • Savannah, GA. This city exudes southern charm with its colorful azaleas and stunning Georgia mansions. You can spend your time visiting the low country islands and wildlife refuges. 
  • San Francisco, CA. March is a great time to visit this city, with perfect temperatures and fewer crowds. Many tourists enjoy taking guided walks through Fisherman’s Wharf. 
  • The Florida Panhandle. The Florida Panhandle consists of cities including Pensacola, Destin, and Port St. Joe. These areas are also home to clearwater beaches. 
  • The Texas Hill Country. This area is full of historical sites, including LBJ National Historic Site. You can swim in Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs or climb the Enchanted Rock. 

With warm temperatures and a low chance of rain, March can be a month full of comfortable travel and fun exploration. 

If you’re looking for the perfect destination for your children’s spring vacation, consider visiting one of the beautiful areas on this list.

In Conclusion

March, the least rainy month of the year, is full of sunshine and impending warmth. 

You get the first glimpse of Spring, with the cold and gray replaced by a gentle display of new growth. 

Some cities that see the most dryness during this month include Nevada, California, and Wyoming. 

If you don’t care much for rain or are a big fan of outdoor activities, March is the best month to visit these areas and see all the beauty nature has provided.