The weather in Iowa is similar across the state, but there is a definite winner. As funny as it sounds, Iowa’s position in the Northeastern part of the Midwest leads to slightly cooler average temperatures, with temperatures rarely breaking 100°F. To find the city with the best weather in Iowa, let’s take a closer look at some specifics.

The city in Iowa that has the Best Weather is Burlington. Located in the Southeast of Iowa, along the Mississippi River, Burlington is home to warm, humid summers and dry, freezing winters. It has temperatures typically ranging from 18°F to 86°F.

Keep reading to find out more about what makes Burlington the best! In this article, we will be taking an even closer look into what makes the weather in Burlington a cut above the rest.

Burlington Weather is the Best in Iowa

Weather in Burlington brings a little bit to the table for everyone, boasting nearly 200 days of sunshine each year and a combined average of 50 inches of rain/snowfall. Let’s take a look at some highlights of the weather in Burlington:

  • Summer High: around 86°F
  • Winter Low: around 16°F
  • Rainfall: average of 39 inches per year
  • Snowfall: average 21 inches per year

This comes out to just below the national average for rainfall and nearly two inches lower than the national average for snowfall. This is partially due to the city’s proximity to the Mississippi River. The river, along with Burlington’s position in the state’s Southeast, allows for fairly pleasant temperatures most of the year.

Seasons in Burlington

Seasons in Burlington are a little different. The hot season, which begins on May 22, lasts 4 months until September 21. The average daily temperature is above 75°F during this time. This would be the perfect time to go fishing along the river or check out the Spirit Hollow Golf Course to the south of the city.

The cold season is a little shorter, beginning on November 30 and lasting until March 1. During the cold season, the average temperature is below 44°F, with lows in the teens. If you would rather spend your time cozied up indoors or want to beat the cold while checking out the Art Center of Burlington, this would be the weather for you.

The last two seasons, Spring and Fall, both take up less than three months each. Spring, running from March 1 to May 22, has temperatures ranging from lows of 27°F up to highs around 75°F. Fall is essentially the same, just in reverse. Starting on September 21 and going until November 30, Fall has temperatures ranging from around 75°F down to 29°F before the start of Winter.

Burlington Humidity

Along with its weather being above average, Burlington also takes a solid position in terms of humidity. Its position on the Mississippi River allows the city to maintain comfortable humidity levels year-round. Though the winters do lean toward the dry side, as is common, you will definitely notice the extra moisture the river brings.

In relation to the relative humidity is the dew point. Simply put, this is the temperature at which water starts condensing, or forming dew. Let’s take a look at Burlington’s average dew point temperature throughout the year:

Dew Point (°F)16.8°26.7°46.7°60.6°49.1°27.8°

Of course, these temperatures are averages but should serve as a good guideline. But what does this mean for Burlington? Well, humidity affects a lot of things, but for us, the main thing to consider is comfort. The NOAA’s National Weather Service states that a dewpoint above 65°F is the humidity level at which comfort begins to deteriorate generally.

The Best of the Best

As we wind down, there is one last recommendation. One of the best places to check out in Burlington is the beautiful Snake Alley. Snake Alley has been called not only “Unbelievably Crooked” by the people at Ripley’s Believe It or Not, but it is also the #1 Odd Spot in Ripley’s Guide to the Curious Corners of America.

Whether you see it in blistering heat, layered with snow, or anywhere in between, Snake Alley is beautiful year-round and should be on your list if you’re going to Burlington.

Burlington, as I’m sure you’ve learned by now, really does have a bit of weather for everyone, no matter what you’re craving. So, no matter if you’re looking to plan your next getaway or searching for somewhere to settle down a bit more permanently, Burlington has exactly what you’re looking for.