If you want to spend some time in the Midwest, you’ll have to contend with many different weather conditions. With frigid temperatures in the winter and heat in the summer, you’ll want to find somewhere that offers a more predictable weather pattern that never gets too hot or too cold.

Kansas City has the best weather in Missouri, with highs in the low 20s in the winter and highs in the 80s in the summer. While the weather is relatively humid year-round, the variation in temperature can make the humidity more bearable for those looking to have some outdoor fun.

Your trip is booked, but not sure what to pack? Let’s take a look at the weather in Kansas City, Missouri in a little more detail.

What Is the Weather in Kansas City, Missouri?

Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri, boasts a population of 486,404. While the city offers no shortage of things to do, many people make Kansas City home due to the relatively low cost of living, making it an ideal location for those looking for a big city on a budget.

In general, the weather in Kansas City is consistent with the season, with a high of 89 degrees in the summer and a low of 23 degrees in the winter. However, snowfall and rain averages are low compared to the national average.

Now that we have an overview of the weather year-round, let’s take a more detailed look at the temperatures during each season.

Temperature in Kansas City, Missouri?

Kansas City experiences all four seasons, and temperatures are relatively predictable year-round. The following is a breakdown of the temperature by season.

  • Summer July is the hottest month, with an average high of 89.2 degrees.
  • Fall – Heat starts to taper off in September, with an average high of 79.8. November can see temperatures as low as 35 degrees.
  • Winter – Cold temperatures come to a head in January, with a low of 23.4 degrees.
  • Spring – March starts to see a rise in temperature, with a high of 55.9 degrees. May can get as warm as 75.7 degrees.

Temperature isn’t the only thing that you have to think about when planning your trip to a new city. Weather conditions can often put a damper on your plans if you are not prepared.

Is Kansas City, Missouri Dry, or Humid?

As the temperatures change, so do the other weather conditions that affect daily life in Kansas City, such as daily humidity.

The weather is generally humid in Kansas City, Missouri. The average humidity in Kansas City reaches a high of 80.5 in the morning and a low of 54.5 in the afternoon.

While humidity might affect how you experience the weather, it shouldn’t determine your ability to enjoy outdoor activities. Let’s look at some of the precipitation conditions that might put a damper on some of your outdoor plans.

Rain and Snow in Kansas City, Missouri?

It does rain slightly more in Kansas City than in other drier areas of the country. Kansas City, Missouri experiences an average of 42.1 inches of rain a year, right in the middle of the Missouri state average of 34 to 50 inches, depending on geography.

In contrast, snowfall is lower than in other midwestern cities. Kansas City only gets an average of 18.8 inches of snow in the winter, on the low end of the Missouri average of 18 to 24 inches.

Now that you know the weather conditions, it’s time to make some plans for what to do while you’re spending time in the city.

What Is There to Do in Kansas City, Missouri?

With so many people living in Kansas City, there is more than enough activity to satisfy everyone. The most popular outdoor attractions include:

If your outdoor plans get canceled by rain or snowfall, you can always make your way inside and experience the local culture at the many art museums in Kansas City, such as The Nelson Atkins Museum and The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

For those who are more interested in US history, make your way to the Harry S. Truman Presidental Library and Museum to get an overview of the 33rd president’s life, followed by a trip to the Truman Home, his longtime residence.


It’s easy to see why so many people call Kansas City, Missouri home, with its predictable weather year-round, and the opportunity to experience all four seasons. Whether you want to take a day trip or spend more time exploring the city, there is something for everyone in Kansas City.